My brain has been working overtime the last few days, but today, all it can think is “COLD COLD COLD GO AWAY”. So there’s this snowstorm in April, and I’m bundled, sitting in front of a fire and still freezing. I look outside the window and all I can see is white fog, with grey outlines where trees are supposed to be, and even those are slowly fading into white as snow keeps piling up on them. It’s kinda miserable and depressing, outside there’s no color, just this whitish-grey mix with brighter or duller spots depending on if you’re looking at snowflakes or trees.
I’m losing my train of thoughts and just trying to stay awake. So I’m putting my Season fairies on etsy and making them into stamps on zazzle until my computer is charged enough to play WoW. I hope eventually my thoughts will come back, because they were interesting but too many to write down at once. Maybe when I’m warm and less tired.


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