In 2017 the state of California legally recognized nonbinary gender, on Jan 1 2019 the implementation of that law, to add nonbinary gender (designated X) on Driver’s Licenses and State IDs went into effect. So naturally, I went to the DMV the next day when they were open and changed that shit immediately.

Changing my gender marker was infinitely easier than changing my name when I moved out here. This is the process:

  1. Fill Out the Driver’s License/ State ID Application Online
  2. Gather your vital records: Proof of Citizenship (passport/ birth cert), Proof of Residency (mail/bank statements), and Proof of Identity (ssn).
    • If your legal name doesn’t match on some of those you might need name change documents as well
  3. Go to the DMV
  4. Fill out the Gender Category Request Form which consists of: your name, address, and gender marker choice
  5. Get a new photo taken
  6. Celebrate!
  7. Wait 2 weeks for your ID to come in the mail
  8. Celebrate!