Support the Work

Really, what doesn’t Kieryn do? From art to education to writing to engaging in local politics, you can find them almost everywhere. However, the cost of living as a disabled, neurodiverse, trans person is quite steep and if you appreciate any of the infinite things they do to make the world a better place, your financial support or hiring them to make your website/event/project great helps keep them healthy and able to keep fighting the good fight.

You can support Kieryn’s organizing, art, and education work on Patreon (or Ko-Fi, paypal, venmo, or or Hire them to build your website!

Recent and Current Projects

On Campus (2017-2019)

LaneyQueers (2018-2019)
Laney Social Justice Cohort (2018-2019)
The Lavender Project (2018-2019)
Associated Students of Laney College, Senator (2019)