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  • Disability in Germany
    I miss the ADA. It was incredibly insufficient but nothing close to it exists in […]
  • Post Op Photo & Feels Dump
    I’ve been posting pics of the healing process on instagram and pixelfed. The process has […]
  • The Scars I Choose
    I’ve been quiet here but this year has been a ride. At the beginning of […]
  • If you’re reading this, you’ve (basically) survived 2020
    As much as I am ready to be done with the last century of this […]
  • COVID Log 4
    One day soon I will have the bandwidth to sit down and write out the […]
  • COVID Log 2
    I’ve been managing okay focusing on creating resources and organizing my building and my block…until […]
  • 30 Months on T
    Last March I wrote a 15 month synopsis of what it’s been like on HRT: […]
  • Recovery Update
    I’m 10 days post-op, the stabbing sensation has largely subsided. I’m still spotting a bit, […]
  • uterus = null
    Monday I had a complete hysterectomy. I got to Mt. Zion hospital at 5:45am, surgery […]
  • Just T Things: 15 Months HRT
    I realized it would probably be helpful to me and other people if I started […]
  • One Year Post Burn
    It’s been almost exactly a year since returning from Burning Man. I learned a lot […]
  • Avocado Toast
    It’s 12:30am on Thursday. My body has decided hot flashes every 10 minutes is a […]
  • Hiatus
    You may have noticed that I really haven’t been able to do much of anything […]
  • On Kindness and Transphobia [TW]
    Someone from my past emailed me a few times this week. Claiming they were good […]
  • To Do List
    Shit I need to do today: news interview testosterone shot – make sure PCP knows […]
  • Birthday Feels/Survival Anxiety
    Holy shit. In light of everything else happening, like fascism, it seems silly that the […]
  • Holy Shit 2k16
    Guess I’ll just start off with a list of Things I’ve Done this year and […]
  • This Week in Trans
    Apparently cooking is a skill I default to. I can run? Melons taste good? I […]
  • Eating Disorder
    I never thought I had an eating disorder until this week. I thought maybe my […]
  • This Is Not Normal
    I’m beginning to get anxious now that more than a month has passed since the […]

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