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  • The Danger To Children Is Already In The Church

    The Danger To Children Is Already In The Church

    Another Day, another round of people discovering that Matt Walsh and conservative evangelical leaders like him will go out of their way to justify their own pedophiliac tendencies through a bastardization of historical understanding. Earlier this month Media Matters revealed the horrific beliefs Matt Walsh espoused on-air in his radio show, and Walsh predictably responded […]

  • 30

    I didn’t expect 30 to actually happen. I had a relaxing birthday. My new apartment complex has an outdoor pool and a jacuzzi, and reopened it that week (in my honor, I assume). It was warm and sunny, so I got to enjoy the bubbling hot water on my joints. It reminded me of the […]

  • Ramifications


    Just because the faith has been left and the arguments don’t hold up against basic questions, doesn’t mean that the roots of these beliefs went away.

  • School and C-PTSD

    When I started this semester I knew that C/PTSD was something that counted as a disability that I could get help for on campus. I didn’t (still don’t) know exactly what the Disability Services Dept. could do to help, but I was going into specifically a non-emotional-labor intensive program in hopes to avoid the obvious […]

  • On Kindness and Transphobia [TW]

    Someone from my past emailed me a few times this week. Claiming they were good listeners and wanted to have a relationship, “one soul to another”. They then sent two emails following that, The first, on valentine’s day, defending my parents by saying they were merely imperfect and I’m overreacting about the abuse I suffered at their […]

  • I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Said Hello to Courtship, Met a Boy, and Got Married

    My parents said they wanted to talk to me one day. I was like 8 or 10 or something innocuous and the thought of boys and kissing was still gross (ew, spit). They said that they decided I wouldn’t be allowed to date, that I would court instead. I said okay, having no idea what […]

  • An Open Letter to Hillary from Quivering Daughters

    Dear Hillary, I don’t even know where to begin. You’ve grown and lived and thrived and your life journey is a beautiful work of art, it almost feels wrong to bring up Quivering Daughters even just to say thank you. But I’m not speaking just for me, when I say, sincerely, thank you for writing […]

  • NLQ didn't "decide" to take down alumni posts, We demanded it.

    Today, No Longer Quivering published a 2016 housekeeping post where they noted that they changed their focus in 2015 (which is true) to be on the mothers leaving the QF movement and as a part of that they decided to remove the voices of the adult children from their website. They were not the ones who decided to remove […]

  • First.

    I graduated high school three years before my friends did. I was getting married at the same time they were getting their diplomas. I felt the eyes of all the parents and their kids on me as I navigated the hell that was my courtship – even the families with kids in their 20’s hadn’t […]

  • Well Then, God is a Shitty Author Part 5

    And then we ran away and lived happily ever after, right?! Well….After I got up to Maine my parents began this routine where they were suddenly super nice! Sent me my clothes, told me I could come back…and then would also be really mean. Back and forth, back and forth. I had just escaped an […]