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  • Well Then, God is a Shitty Author Part 4

    I went a couple weeks listening to my parents and not talking to Alex. Making sure they weren’t monitoring me, etc. As they became convinced I had moved on (apparently cutting my hair in an effort to defy them = moving on) I went into planning mode. Alex and I had figured out ways of […]

  • Well Then, God is a Shitty Author Part 3

    Spring Break was tense, and tension just kept rising. In May, something broke. I cannot remember what it was in specific. As much as I’ve tried to block off most of these memories, that one was just….I can’t get to it. I know it happened, I know I felt betrayed by my parents in a way I’d […]

  • Well Then, God is a Shitty Author Part 2

    Alex’s dad called mine because he wanted Alex not to be crushed if he asked and dad said no. Or so the story goes. Anyway, not long after, maybe the next day or later that night, Alex called and asked dad The Question (because asking to court is basically asking to marry me. I’m not […]

  • Well Then, God is a Shitty Author

    cracks knucklesSo, I was looking in the archives and realized that in the ~5 years I’ve been blogging here, I’ve only mentioned courting like, 4 times (swear it feels like more though), and it’s such a huge part of my story….but also an intensely emotional and painful one, which is why it’s referenced but never […]

  • Giving Too Much part 2

    When I was 11 we came home one day to find someone we’d met at a homeless shelter/food kitchen/church thingy on our doorstep, with her infant. We’ll call her Missy.I don’t know how she got our address, or why she was there.But she was. And I gave up my bedroom and moved in with my sisters […]

  • Reason

    I’ve been triggering myself a little lately, getting introspective about life and the meaning. Nothing weird I guess, but in my dreams I found myself missing things I don’t actually miss, missing rituals and set answers – things I consciously don’t actually value. I’m not particularly sentimental, and I don’t really care about tradition for […]

  • Giving Too Much

    Ever since my family became devout, they became regular tithers and givers. Before I go further, I should point out there is nothing wrong with giving as long as that giving isn’t negatively affecting your life (or that of your kids/family). Which, I realized somewhat recently is the case with my own family. They started out […]

  • Kiery Gets Shots

    So, I’ve talked before about how medically neglectful my parents were…and how they believed in faith healing instead of going to the doctor, because doctors are evil. They also spent a LOT of time, drilling into me/us that immunizations/vaccines are dangerous (and evil) and you will either get sick or die from them – clearly, […]

  • parents

    I’ve had really vivid dreams lately, probably due to getting over the lingering effects of a cold (it was a horrible cold, and I’m mostly better but still dealing with minor sinus issues). My dreams have been weirdly stressful and tend to feature my family and I wake up feeling like I haven’t slept, but […]

  • My Elaborate Plan

    Five years ago, on my birthday, I left home. Obviously, there’s a lot of backstory to this, and, I guess, this is that story.I didn’t say goodbye – I couldn’t say goodbye. I was terrified that if I did, if I told them I was leaving, that they would shut me in my room, and […]