Kiery Gets Shots

So, I’ve talked before about how medically neglectful my parents were...and how they believed in faith healing instead of going to the doctor, because doctors are evil.
They also spent a LOT of time, drilling into me/us that immunizations/vaccines are dangerous (and evil) and you will either get sick or die from them – clearly, because they are not of-god.
So today, after having my tetanus, etc, shots out of date for over a decade (I actually don’t remember the last time I got immunized, I just know that I did before my parents went nuts), I went to Planned Parenthood to start on getting the Gardasil vaccine (Yay, 1/3rd of the way to not getting cervical cancer) and…. I got my TDAP shot! So, I am now safe from tetanus, diptheria, something else, and whooping cough until I’m 33! 😀
Though my shoulders are mildly achey (one shot in each arm), it really wasn’t as bad as I was preparing myself for (heh internet) – and taking ibuprofen has helped with the minor uncomfortability of my body realizing it had two shots (and also realizing that it was up all night driving back home from an awesome weekend in NYC where we saw Comedy Bang! Bang! and The Thrilling Adventure Hour).
I have not yet shown signs of tetanus, whooping cough, HPV, diptheria, or that other thing.
So, I am immune to things again! And it is awesome.
I feel like a BAMF.


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