Kieryn Darkwater; ADEM AD18

I’m Kieryn Darkwater and I’m running to be an Assembly District Delegate for AD18.

I am a disabled, bisexual, transmasculine, nonbinary, lifelong organizer with the skills and experience that we need to bring the Democratic Party into the accessible, diverse, and inclusive future we all strive for. That future is now, and it’s time to step up to the plate and make our vision a reality. To do that we need new blood, new voices, and new experiences to move the party forward. Which is why I’m running with the AD18 Social Justice League.

I’m running to support candidates, community leaders, and a party platform that prioritizes:

  • Healthcare for all; anything that makes it possible to provide free coverage to all Californians (and beyond!) without the dehumanizing income assessment requirements.
  • Housing as a Human Right; banning evictions, stronger tenant protections, building an abundance of homes for everyone, and repealing Article 34 to make social housing possible.
  • Social Justice and Equity; seeking out and uplifting the voices of folks who are usually marginalized and discriminated against, and following through to address those inequities. 
  • Information Accessibility and Transparency; making the Democratic Party easier to understand and participate in.

As a lifelong community and grassroots organizer, I know that on-the-ground work is key to Democratic Party success.

I’m a member of EBYD and East Bay Stonewall Dems. I’ve worked on many local democratic campaigns including Jean Walsh and Terry Taplin’s races this year. Over the last 4 years I’ve been an outspoken advocate for more housing, tenant protections, and better transit as a Steward of East Bay for Everyone, and co-founded the tenant union in my building.

As a college student leader I worked with Trustees, admin, students, and faculty across various departments and all 4 Peralta District schools for accessibility and support for queer and trans students. I advocated ceaselessly for all gender bathrooms throughout Laney’s campus and changing the anti-discrimination policy to include both gender identity and gender expression

I Co-founded a Children’s Rights organization Coalition for Responsible Home Education, and ran everything tech related, coordinated volunteers, started the state chapter program, and educated elected officials in Sacramento and around the country about our work. 

I have the passion and experience to help move the party forward and humbly ask for your vote.

Voting Info

Who can vote?

Any registered Democrat in CA! Ballots are based on the Assembly District you’re currently registered to vote in. If you’ve moved recently, make sure to update your CA voter registration to reflect the change before January 11th 2021!

How do I vote?

To vote for the Assembly District Delegates, you need to register to vote with the CA Democratic Party using this form.

This election is vote by mail, so you must register with CADEM by January 11th. The ballots will come with a pre-paid envelope to mail back. Ballots must be received (not postmarked) by Jan 27th or they won’t be able to be counted.

What is ADEM anyway?

The TL;DR is: Assembly District Delegates are elected to represent their district within the CA Democratic Party. The elected members in this race advocate for priorities, policies, and changes inside the democratic party.

This includes drafting the party platform, choosing candidates and ballot measures to endorse, and working with elected officials to support and implement measures aligned with those priorities.

For the nitty gritty details, visit the ADEM website!


Finnegan Ware
Oakland Neighbor

Iris Montgomery
Oakland Neighbor

Michelle Snider
Oakland Neighbor

Lindsay K Sweetnam
East Bay Neighbor

Jeremy C. Young
Communications & Marketing Manager
Maryland Neighbor

Shane Krpata
Berkeley Planning Commissioner & Public Works Commission Vice Chair

CA Renters Democratic Council Endorses Kieryn Darkwater for ADEMs

Terry Taplin
Berkeley City Councilmember District 2

Jean Walsh
AC Transit Director
Ward 2

The Social Justice League is also endorsed by

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