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Inside the CA Democratic Party

I’m Kieryn Darkwater and I’m a CA Democratic Party Assembly District Delegate for AD18

I am a disabled, bisexual, transmasculine, nonbinary, lifelong organizer with the skills and experience that we need to bring the Democratic Party into the accessible, diverse, and inclusive future we all strive for. That future is now, and I’m here to step up to the plate and make our vision a reality.

I will support candidates, community leaders, and a party platform that prioritizes:

  • Healthcare for all; anything that makes it possible to provide free coverage to all Californians (and beyond!) without the dehumanizing income assessment requirements.
  • Housing as a Human Right; banning evictions, stronger tenant protections, building an abundance of homes for everyone, and repealing Article 34 to make social housing possible.
  • Social Justice and Equity; seeking out and uplifting the voices of folks who are usually marginalized and discriminated against, and following through to address those inequities. 
  • Information Accessibility and Transparency; making the Democratic Party easier to understand and participate in.

Latest Updates

  • Janani Ramachandran for State Assembly Meet & Greet 5/17 at 5:30
    When Janani emailed me for a chat earlier this year I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after talking a while I was really impressed and ready to throw my support behind her for the Assembly District 18 seat. Janani has spent her law career fighting for social justice, protecting tenants and domestic violence survivors. […]
  • CDP Power Distribution
    Today is the first day of the annual CA Democratic Party Convention, hosted online for the first time ever. Prior to this convention, I’ve only ever been to the vendor hall as a booth volunteer so I don’t really know what to expect. Last week, we got the results of the Party Officer races. Rusty […]
  • CDP Officer Elections
    The election for CDP Officers has started already. My partner and I are both voting members so our mailbox is crammed full of election materials every day. I don’t mind, some pieces are Art and having worked on mailers, I know how much effort goes into it. My favorites so far are Jenny Bach’s Burn […]
  • Election Results, Feelings, and the Future
    I am a firm believer in being the change I wish to see in the world. I don’t wait for other people to take up the mantle I’m passionate about if it’s one I can carry. I’ve had some time to think, some helpful trainings from the Progressive Delegates Network, and a little bit of time to adjust. I know what I can do, right now, without having to wait for the Party Officers election and the upcoming convention; and that is to share the information that I’ve learned (and am learning) and my experiences as a first-time Assembly District Delegate (ADD) with all of you.

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