Looking For Work

Interviews & Consulting:

My fee for podcasts and radio interviews is $90/session.

I offer subject matter consulting services for $175/hr. I specialize in christofascism, home education, and the underbelly of evangelical christianity (purity culture, politics, cultic families, child abuse, etc).

For video or studio interviews or things that require traveling, get in touch with details.

Email: kieryn(@)mxdarkwater(.)com

IT & Web Development:

I specialize in bending the internet to my will. Whether that means poking at the insides of WordPress to integrate functionality and change the aesthetics, creating a simple way to get different pieces of the internet to talk to each other when a donation made, or tinkering with Ruby on Rails apps – I’m good at making the things I want to happen on the web, happen. This is a skill set I will happily share with you, for money.

I’ve run the entire web infrastructure for multiple organizations and artistic collaborations, I troubleshoot WordPress integration and setup problems on the reg, and can make your website look pretty (front-end dev). For short term front-end or troubleshooting projects, my rate is $75/hr.

For on-going or long-term work, contact me for details.

The Backstory: I taught myself html and CSS in 2005 when I wanted to change the background and font colors in xanga, & 2006 when I wanted to feature posts in the sidebar in blogger. This was before there was a user-friendly backend and there was just raw code to play with. I’ve kept up and have been constantly teaching myself since then. I’ve been using WordPress since ~late 2006, and got all familiar with PHP by poking at the backend and figured out how to make changes without breaking the site.  I learned how to work with Drupal briefly in ’08. I taught myself Unity from scratch in less than 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31, and my introduction to Ruby was making a small e-commerce app for selling paintings  in ~12-18 hours at random one weekend.

I am an object-oriented programmer who’s a badass with HTML5 and CSS3. To see more of what I’ve done, check my portfolio, and view my resume.

Email: kieryn(@)mxdarkwater(.)com

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