Full Stack Organizer & Consultant

What does Full-Stack Organizer even mean? A full-stack organizer has the ability to be a one-person band. They have the skills to go from idea to incorporated non-profit, to running and hosting events.

This full-stack organizer can: make websites, write press releases, manage email systems, create content, use social media, coordinate volunteers, design materials, organize turnout, manage digital infrastructure, run multi-day events, create films and live streams, guide the incorporation process, provide IT support, and teach these skills.

Organizing & Consulting ($175/hr)

Non-Profit Incorporation Guidance.

Walk through the steps and process of incorporating your non-profit and provide advice on what to look out for.

Relevant XP: Founding Board Member of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education and East Bay For Everyone. Consultant for the Kallisti Collective.  Assistant to the Exec. Director of Press Herald Toy Fund.

Event Coordinating.

Guide the process of tabling at a resource fair, hosting & streaming educational events, and coordinating multi-day events.

Relevant XP: Organized and ran YIMBYtown 2017, Laney Queers and Laney Social Justice Center Events (2018-2019), Peralta Queer Prom (2019).

Subject Matter Expert.

Offer insight about Christofascism, Home Education, and Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity (purity culture, politics, cults, child abuse, etc).

Relevant XP: Home educated, christian fundamentalist and politically active.

Freelance Services ($75/hr)

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