Bridging the Gap Inside the CA Democratic Party

CDP Officer Elections

The election for CDP Officers has started already. My partner and I are both voting members so our mailbox is crammed full of election materials every day. I don’t mind, some pieces are Art and having worked on mailers, I know how much effort goes into it. My favorites so far are Jenny Bach’s Burn Book and Melahat Rafiei’s 101 Reasons to vote for Melahat that had me cackling.

Anyway, I voted today! This won’t quell the mailers but here’s my ballot:

Chair: Delaine Eastin
Vice Chair 1: Jenny Bach
Vice Chair 2: Daraka Larimore-Hall
Secretary: Melahat Rafiei
Controller: April Verrett

The reason I voted for these folks is because they share my vision of turning the CA Democratic Party into an organization that works and reflects the community it claims to represent. I’m really excited to have voted for each of these people and I’m looking forward to working with them soon!

Election Results, Feelings, and the Future

I am a firm believer in being the change I wish to see in the world. I don’t wait for other people to take up the mantle I’m passionate about if it’s one I can carry. I’ve had some time to think, some helpful trainings from the Progressive Delegates Network, and a little bit of time to adjust. I know what I can do, right now, without having to wait for the Party Officers election and the upcoming convention; and that is to share the information that I’ve learned (and am learning) and my experiences as a first-time Assembly District Delegate (ADD) with all of you.