I believe we can improve student retention by improving accessibility on Laney’s campus. We need to understand the reality of what it means to live in 2019: in the face of climate change and fascism fueling hatred and bigotry. Improving accessibility means thinking of the larger picture of what students experience, it means being trauma aware, it means actively seeking to improve campus so everyone feels safe, it means trying to meet as many needs as we can and finding creative ways to enable student success. Ultimately, it means working with students where they’re at and divesting from capitalistic burnout culture.

Associate Students of Laney College (ASLC) members have a responsibility to participate in Shared Governance committees on campus and advocate for changes and policies that benefit the student body.

As a Senator, I have three priorities for my term:

Work with Facilities to update the single stall bathrooms to All Gender Bathrooms to comply with state law.
Work with Administrators to add/improve training on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).
Work with the District & City to explore creating affordable dorms near campus.