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  • Mountains


    At 4pm I have the Compass math test at Laney. In the morning I need to drop off all of my income documentation from the last 2 years, my divorce decree, and an exception petition form because FAFSA awards aid by 2015 taxes, as if nothing major ever changes in the span of one year. […]

  • Fedora on an Asus C201P Chromebook

    Fedora on an Asus C201P Chromebook

    So as soon as I came up with a plan for a game this month I got distracted trying to install Fedora on the chromebook I have. It took me 4 days to come to the conclusion that I wasn’t failing, it’s just that no documentation on how to install Fedora/other linux systems exist for […]

  • Github Game Jam

    Github Game Jam

    Long story short I quit my dayjob. So I’m looking for work and freelancing again, but also participating in the Github Game Jam. It’s like NaNoWriMo but for game devs, and with a loose topic. This year it’s Hacking/modding/augmenting. So I’m going to do a game based off the little women retelling I want to […]

  • The Sims4 Series

    The Sims4 Series

    I’ve decided that it would be really fun to do a series of videos or maybe even livestreams (depending on how well my laptop can hold up to it) of the Sims4. It’s been done before, but I’m going to put a new twist on it. We’ll start by building up Newcrest (the blank Sims4 […]

  • Ruby Thursdays

    Ruby Thursdays

    I’ve already done a little bit with Ruby. But I figured it’d be a good idea to start at the beginning. So I switched program trees and started Ruby Basics. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I like Ruby better than PHP, but anyway. I made some strings and learned about whitespace […]

  • WordPress on Tuesdays

    WordPress on Tuesdays

    Today I learned how to make custom page templates in WordPress and how to get navigation to work. I also started on the Custom Post Types section and took some notes for the comic theme I have in my future. One assuring thing is that as I look at the old notes that I have […]

  • on Windows 10, Art Work, and Self Care

    on Windows 10, Art Work, and Self Care

    I was apprehensive about updating my laptop to Windows 10, especially after getting it and needing to wait for patches for games to work on Windows 8. Since the entire reason I have a windows laptop is to play PC games, it seemed like a good idea to not rush into upgrading until I knew […]

  • Games I'm Looking Forward To From PAXPrime 2015

    Games I'm Looking Forward To From PAXPrime 2015

    So I wandered a lot around the indie game area of PAX and played some games, talked to some devs, and generally found some really cool things that I’m looking forward to and ended up getting beta keys, or put on email lists, and little cards about to follow along. Creativerse – it’s really fun, think […]

  • ProTips with Kiery

    ProTips with Kiery

    If you only shampoo your hair once a week (but condition as much as you like) and use cool water, it’ll keep your color intact a lot longer. If you have a 500 drawing prompts book and you do one prompt a day, you’ll have made 500 drawings. If you use a 500 drawing prompts […]

  • E.R.A. Update

    E.R.A. Update

    I moved E.R.A. to WordPress so that way when I’m done making the theme for artists I can test it there and that’ll be easier. But also because I felt like the Ruby app I made was unfinished and I want to make it better (and I will) and that was weirdly enough contributing to a […]