ProTips with Kiery

    1. If you only shampoo your hair once a week (but condition as much as you like) and use cool water, it’ll keep your color intact a lot longer.
    2. If you have a 500 drawing prompts book and you do one prompt a day, you’ll have made 500 drawings. If you use a 500 drawing prompts book every day as a way to get your juices flowing, you’ll have made…a lot more than that.
    3. the Streaks app is a pretty decent way to remember to take care of yourself every day (or achieve other goals). Mine includes: Drinking water, meditating, making art, going up stairs, yoga, and 50 jumping jacks.
    4. Meditating is good. I’ve been using Stop, Breathe, and Think because sometimes it’s hard to do by myself.
    5. Don’t fall down.

I’m currently still trying to decide if I’m going to brunch tomorrow, wondering if I have any cosplay I can put together for PAX next week (nope, I do not), feeling a little bad because my vlogs are probably REALLY boring (but maybe PAX vlogs will close it on a good note?), and wishing my body would stop hurting from that time I fell like two days ago.







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