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  • WoW mostly

    WoW mostly

    I’ve been in a gaming mood lately, which is unusual for me. I’ve managed to level 2 times in the last week, which sounds lame but the gap from 85-86 and 86-87 is a hefty one to cross. I’m now only 3 levels away from cap, which is really exciting. I’m very much a mood…

  • KieryGeek: Kiery Vs Games

    KieryGeek: Kiery Vs Games


  • Ding!


    Fun Stuff I hit level 75 in WoW today, finally! I’ve been super super awful about playing lately, so today I decided to just do that instead of sitting at my computer debating about doing that, story boarding, or making the bed and spending the whole time flicking through facebook, etsy, pinterest, and random blogs…

  • How to Make a Disaster (and then do something with it)

    How to Make a Disaster (and then do something with it)

    Yesterday, I spent all afternoon making a paper chain of rainbow hearts to put over the office door. Kind of like the bead things, but cheaper, because I had paper,markers, super glue and string. It looked fantastic I don’t know whether to blame the cat or the slightly open window for the chain-turned-distaster last night,…

  • Keep Off the Dirigible Plums

    Keep Off the Dirigible Plums

    I decided to try something new today and paint standing up. I held my palette of watercolors in one hand, brush in the other and had a cup of water on the desk beside me. It worked out pretty well actually, and I think I hurt my shoulders less than I usually do, so that’s…

  • Sluggish


    I thought I was tired yesterday. I’m beginning to think that I need the sun to like, live and stuff. I can’t seem to muster up the energy to do much of anything. I did play World of Warcraft until the lag or connection or something overtook it and I was wandering around Azshara waiting…

  • Bubble Fairy (and Transmutation)

    Bubble Fairy (and Transmutation)

    So today, I got in my gaming keypad and spent the morning getting used to it while listening to some podcast about Sherlock Holmes (the movie, with RDJr.). I found a sweet spot in Nagrand above the throne of elementals where, well, all the elementals live and you can farm for motes to your hearts…

  • Brrrr


    My brain has been working overtime the last few days, but today, all it can think is “COLD COLD COLD GO AWAY”. So there’s this snowstorm in April, and I’m bundled, sitting in front of a fire and still freezing. I look outside the window and all I can see is white fog, with grey…

  • untitled


    So I have this great idea for an art card – a snow at night painting, with a fairy holding a lantern. But it’s too cold, grey, and dark outside for me to paint it (read: I’m too cold and tired). I also have another idea for my last 16×20 canvas…but again with the being…

  • Fire, rain, and sleepy Kiery

    Fire, rain, and sleepy Kiery

    When the alarms went off it was raining outside and dark in the room – perfect combination for sleeping in, so I did…until I started hearing sirens. At first I thought there was just an alarm going off at Starbucks and they sent a truck, as always to check it out (almost always false alarms)…