Fire, rain, and sleepy Kiery

When the alarms went off it was raining outside and dark in the room – perfect combination for sleeping in, so I did…until I started hearing sirens. At first I thought there was just an alarm going off at Starbucks and they sent a truck, as always to check it out (almost always false alarms) but then it got louder and closer. A few minutes later, more sirens, and it sounded like they were going down our street – they were. Apparently there was something going on at the school. I woke up, looked out the window – still rainy, couldn’t see any smoke, we opened the window in the kitchen and heard radio voices – and everyone was leaving the school. When I went outside on a walk, I noticed the air did smell a little smokey. I still don’t know what happened, just that I woke up from loud noises and then hoped it wouldn’t come over here (it didn’t).
So, I was grumpy, because I was tired and I decided to take it out in WoW. Mostly because I haven’t played in a while, and killing Lake Spirits for Motes of Water sounded like a good way to blow off some steam. The one problem with working the Master of Transmutation quest in Nagrand (because I’ve been wanting to quest there for a while) is that I’m 5 levels above everything – which is great for not dying, but not so hot on filling up the 3 bars I have left before I hit level 71 and get another talent point. Although, technically it’s for levels 64-70. I think the reason I waited so long was because I was flying over once at level 62 or so, and got caught by one of the guarded pvp areas with a level 72 something, which made me think I needed to wait longer than I did. Anyway, I *know* Nagrand has all the mats I need because I’ve seen all the elements there, but after I finish the other quests  I have, I think I’ll hit Shadowmoon Valley so I can get the Explore Outland achievement before moving onto Northrend.


  1. Mary M Avatar
    Mary M

    There’s this spot, I believe just east of Throne of the Elements (in Nagrand), where you can farm elementals for motes… although you might have already discovered that spot. 🙂
    And I might have some motes hiding away in my bank if you’re still needing some. I’ll try to catch you next time we’re both online.

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