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I get lost in my own little world sometimes. Thoughts jump from one topic and phrase to the next in a high speed chase while I keep my hands busy and let my brain work itself out. I did that today, while deep cleaning my kitchen in a race against the two loads of laundry I had going. I let my thoughts fade in and out of reality – sometimes paying complete attention to the music on my phone and others getting lost in the swirls of brown goop from cleaning the stove, so that it was nearly invisible.
Of course, I couldn’t actually tell you what I was thinking about, because I don’t remember more than bits, and not in any way that makes sense. But I enjoyed the process of cleaning and losing myself to whatever world my thoughts took me into. I think that helps me clean sometimes, being able to bounce my attention between music and cleaning and thoughts while still doing the same thing and racing the clock.
When I was driving this weekend I let the oranges of the leaves on the trees through the hills seep into my mind as I created a world (that looked suspiciously like something from Dr. Seuss) full of color and breezes and bubbles. The plant outside the restaurant was swaying to the music from inside.
And I had a really weird brainstorm on a comic, which seemed brilliant in the fog of just waking up…it’s lame now.
I’m getting better at letting myself go and not hold back – at least, inside the confines and safety of my own mind. I accidentally tried a new painting technique as I got lost in the texture and how the paint and the palette knife acted against the canvas.
Getting lost.
has become so much…easier as I’ve learned to let myself just be. By repeating over and over the things my soul needs to hear and keeping words on mirrors. Getting lost makes me come alive.


Didn’t get around to blogging yesterday (obviously) because I was way. too. tired. Weather changes do weird things and rain makes me sleepy. I might have allergies, but Claritin seems to give me headaches (or maybe it’s all in my head?).
Anyway, I’m mixing “authentic thursday” in with today’s “media friday” (see? renamed, because youtube is so much fun). I’m naming it “Kierstyn is a geek, and here’s what she’s currently into day”.
I was thinking recently, about how I never really got into much when I was little, Hello Kitty when I was 11 was about the extent of my obsessive  fan-girl-ness. Over the last couple years though, I’ve developed my inner fangirl/geek (living with a geek who feeds my nerdiness helps) and it’s so much fun! So I thought that I’d share a bunch of the things that I’ve been geeking out over lately:
Doctor Who, Firefly, Torchwood, Harry Potter, anything with Felicia Day and Ellen Page, Jonathan Coulton, Disney movies (just re-watched Aladdin last week. OMG. beautiful), Battlestar Galactica, Anime, Phineas and Ferb, Eragon, and I just watched all of the Star Wars movies, and while I like them better watching them closely (like I have to watch Nolan films) I’m not totally into it, but they are fun. 😉 *hides*
So, in short (and I could go on, the list keeps growing) that’s what I’m into now. Sci-fi/Fantasy, and a good dose of comedy and animation.
with that…


Brain Dead Monday

It’s Monday again! yay.
We had an exciting weekend, and I’m really tired. Putting words into the box is becoming a somewhat difficult task on the day I made up to be the easiest. 😛
Daily Post ideas, Monday
See? easy right? words just aren’t coming to me today. I haven’t completely woken up yet, apparently. So I guess I’ll just talk about the crazy fun weekend.
Saturday we went Apple Picking in Turner. I got 6 apples for $2.50 which is really cool. Sometime this week (or so) I’ll need to make an apple pie-ish thing, and then I can eat the other ones. ^.^
Yesterday, we finally went to the fair. We’ve been telling ourselves that we’d go to the fair for the last 3 years and we finally did. We had so much fun! We drove through some really pretty places to get there, the trees were turning and it was really beautiful. We rode on the ferris wheel and played a game and tried corn dogs for the first time, and got an Angry Birds plush.
The view from the ferris wheel was stunning, we rode twice – once after the sun set and once before, so I got to see the fair all lit up – and then we took home a big bag of cotton candy. Today my muscles are all weird, because we walked *all* day and parked the furthest possible distance from the entrance, and didn’t leave till 7:30 last night. But, I think we successfully walked off our corn dogs….at least I hope we did, because I’ll probably try to take it easy this afternoon.

A little bit

I try to do a little something that engages my creativity everyday. Some people paint everyday, and sometimes I do that, but usually I end up doing different things everyday depending on what I feel like. One day I’ll paint, the next day (or two) I’ll draw, sometimes I just sit down and write out the jumble of thoughts that have been gathering in a swarm in my brain, or I have too many ideas and I’m forced to just sit there and brainstorm and muse. Sometimes I’ll read – I’ve been reading *alot* of fantasy this summer and have several more books on my list – or I’ll listen to something while doing other things with my hands. Owl City is my go-to when I need to release ideas. I’ll even watch something – I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Watching animation for color and shading, and HGTV (or Project Runway, just saw that last night) for design and composition ideas.
The other day, I was inspired and made up a blog schedule. I hope this will add a bit of variety to my ramblings here – hopefully mixing a little bit more personal into my general art muses and updates. So I’m looking forward to that. I think I’ll also end up reading and discovering more interesting blogs too, because I’d like to integrate a follow Friday feature and I can’t do that if I never read new things.
Speaking of reading, I’m woefully behind on Eragon and I’m starting to have Game of Thrones/Eragon mashups in my dreams….

In the Works

The other day I went and reorganized the location of a lot of my paintings, and decided I wanted to make a more coherent/designy living room piece to replace the 16×20 fairies and 11×14 still life that are currently sitting above the tv. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere that had some semblance of intentional design. I’m not that good at it yet, at least not when it comes to decorating an entire apartment, but I’m getting better sort of, I hope.
I’ve been watching on of my friends on Facebook put together her first apartment with her fiancé in ways that I sort of wish I could – and then I realized that I actually could if I figured out enough of an idea of what I wanted to do. But I’ve always had a sort of eclectic style and everything is a mis-match of things, though, I generally like to try to find the things that pull that together so it doesn’t look weird. I’m not sure that I’ve completely figured that out, or that the piece I’ve been working on will achieve that, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.
My kitchen is fairies now – I took out all the coffee stuff. I moved the Harry Potter stuff out of the living room and my bedroom and moved it into the studio – perfect inspiration really. Well, and I put the lego HP poster on the fridge and it kind of rocks there.
So now I have the 16×20 fairy paintings in the living room, which I’m going to store and replace somehow, eventually. But last night I spent most of my energy working on a centre piece and I really like how it’s coming out so far.

new centre pieceIt’s not my usual style (apologies for the bad lighting, it was taken at 10pm), but I wanted something a little inspiring, and since I have two Pinterest boards dedicated to phrases that intrigue, inspire, or resonate with me, I thought I’d feature one.

I’m hoping to finish that tonight while Alex is working. And I think I’m going to find an evening project for the next 3 weeks to make Alex’s schedule change a bit more bearable. I don’t feel too bad about him being late if I’m engrossed in working on something too instead of being bored. So I think after this is done, I’ll have a bit more creative energy and inspiration and I’ll be working on redoing the illustrations for The Balloon Lady. If I don’t get side tracked and decide to repaint everything else….

Art Journaling: I want to be

I want to be

the eccentric 60 year old with sapphire hair

and kind eyes.

When I’m 50 I want to not care

I will be me

I will learn life’s lessons and love freely.

I want to be a vibrant 30 and 40 year old

living adventurously.

I want to be a graceful 20 something

who makes people feel at ease 

and accepts everyone for themselves

I’ll be the woman with the sapphire hair

who’s lead an amazing and full life

who’s success does not depend on the amount of children she bore

but the love she showed to everyone.

I will be creative, kind, graceful, and calm.

I’ll be the woman with the sapphire hair. 

art journal



I’ve got a cough and have been really tired the last few days, so as much as I’ve been wanting to write and post, I haven’t been able to think about anything to say. But I’ve had a song stuck in my head all day and thought that might be interesting

I’m going to try and take it really easy this week (or tomorrow at least) and I’ll probably be holed up and reading Tamsin and The Purple Emperor. If I have the energy though, I’d like to paint something I dreamed up in the car a few days ago. Although, I probably won’t be doing any in-depth research into painting styles (I’d like to give more depth to my fairies, and better wings) and stuff. I had a good talk with someone today though, that’s left me a lot to think about, so I’ll probably write a note to myself and think about everything after my head clears. 🙂

Library l00t

I went to the library today and got on a book binge. I brought back so many books that I thought I was going to have to put some back, and bought a library bag when I realized that there probably wasn’t much of a book limit and my 6 (I really can count) books probably wasn’t the most they’d checked out at a time. I had the brilliant idea to leave my backpack at home and didn’t really want to carry all the (heavy) books in a plastic bag anyway.

Although, there were so many more books that I could have checked out…but I figured I’d probably better wait to give myself a chance to get through all the others. Three weeks really isn’t that long. O:)

So those are my school books for the time being. A screenplay, a book on marketing, a book on Acrylic Technique (finally!) and 3 fantasy books to inspire me. I also did my very first inter-library loan (that I remember, anyway). iPhones are sooo handy, because I had the book on goodreads and all the information I needed about the book I wanted (100 things every designer should know about people) right there which made the librarian happy. So now all I need to do, is scan all my current library books into my to-read queue on the goodreads app on my phone, readjust to the yellow light of incandescent bulbs (we got some new lights in with daylight-esque fluorescents which I’m going to sit by all winter) and I’ll be good to go. 😀

This Week

*This is a stream of consciousness post, so I can actually do something this week*
It’s been a good, but long, week so far, and figured I should at least update with my thoughts that way I can actually do stuff the rest of the week.
– Saturday, Alex and I went to a wedding where I danced and danced until I couldn’t dance anymore and paid dearly for that in the morning…and over the next few days (today I’m a little better, but stairs are still not cool. #2ndfloorapartmentfail). But it was so worth it. I haven’t used those muscles in years, so I’m happy to know they still exist from my dancing days, and my legs looked great and muscle-y, if I did end up walking like a penguin everywhere.
– It’s weird that it’s already August. I’m not done getting over winter yet and it’s almost fall. I did manage to swim on Sunday and Monday, which was good, because I was getting really worried that I was going to miss the few days that you can actually swim here because life has been kind of packed and exhausting. So Monday I sat in a giant inflatable bed in the pool and floated and listened to the birds and the wind until it started to rumble and look like rain.

– Yesterday I hung out with some friends who came to visit and we went clothes shopping and hung out at beans and generally had a lot of fun and adventures in avoiding random downpours of cool rain and wind (br). But we managed to keep relatively dry and snapped a few pictures before we all went home. – I also added more blue to my hair Friday night, just the under-layer, which you can *kind of* see in the picture. I love how it came out, I feel sort of like a mermaid or fairy when I pull the top half of my hair up to expose the deep blue and turquoise shades underneath.

– So now it’s Wednesday. I’m not totally sure what to do for the rest of the week. I’m getting my I-need-to-play-WoW itch again, and I finished the 2nd revision of The Balloons screenplay on Monday, so I’m giving it a couple days before I work on tweaking it.

 – I think, now that the desk is moved into the studio and I have a place for my easel and paints, I might start painting again. I’ve been thinking about an idea so I might try  that. I could also go through my art history notebook and do a watercolor experiment with some random style.

 – A lot of my married friends suddenly became pregnant and are in/near their 2nd trimester. I want to do something, but I don’t really know what. I sort of am still fighting an internal battle with the whole idea of pregnancy – I don’t want any part of it myself, but I do want to support my friends who are having their first… I don’t have enough money to make baby-baskets for all of them and they’ll probably have some kind of baby shower soon anyway. But you need *a lot* of things to have tiny humans. So maybe I’ll do more brainstorming this week too.

 – Also, I need to go to the library and get some more Faerie Wars and fill out an inter-library loan form, and maybe get on the waiting list for Game Of Thrones unless we decide to buy it. We had fun reading the free sample on the iPad, and haven’t finished the last section yet because…..then we’ll have no more book until we get it from somewhere. I feel like George R.R. Martin was writing about Maine when he wrote about the land where winter can last a lifetime. I was like o.O I LIVE THERE.

 – My relationship status with Maine is love/LOATHE. I either need to move, or we need to figure out a way to be on speaking terms. I freak out every time it gets chilly and wet now, because I think that means winter is back. :S #toomanytoolongwinters #anditsonlybeen2

I’m feeling a little more clear headed already, maybe I’ll take a walk and hope that the lights we ordered actually come in today while I’m out.

So Worth It

I had every intention of having a productive day of studying and writing and getting stuff done today – but instead I watched the rebroadcast of the Harry Potter premier.
After struggling with myself for a while – knowing I only have a few more days to finish the books and that I really need to get started since I missed the last few days due to wordpress breaking, me not feeling well, and holidays – I stopped. I decided to just enjoy the moment and take it all in. For a few hours this afternoon I was part of something big – something that’s been going on for a decade, and even though I watched it hours after it happened on the other side of the pond, it was epic, and I’m so glad that I did. It was so worth it.
There’s something to be said about taking time away from the things that you “need” to do and stopping to just soak in the things that are going on around you. It’s vital in a way – if you just go through life routinely and never really stop and just enjoy something, I’m not sure that’s really living. Pausing inspires creativity, it reinvigorates, it encourages, it makes you feel wonder.
So no, I didn’t read my books, I didn’t clean, I didn’t do anything that I initially wanted to get to today, but I had a better day than I would have if I did. I was exploring, I was filled with awe and wonder, I was experiencing, and today, doing that, everything I read in The Everyday Work of Art just clicked.
It’s about experiencing.