A little bit

I try to do a little something that engages my creativity everyday. Some people paint everyday, and sometimes I do that, but usually I end up doing different things everyday depending on what I feel like. One day I’ll paint, the next day (or two) I’ll draw, sometimes I just sit down and write out the jumble of thoughts that have been gathering in a swarm in my brain, or I have too many ideas and I’m forced to just sit there and brainstorm and muse. Sometimes I’ll read – I’ve been reading *alot* of fantasy this summer and have several more books on my list – or I’ll listen to something while doing other things with my hands. Owl City is my go-to when I need to release ideas. I’ll even watch something – I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Watching animation for color and shading, and HGTV (or Project Runway, just saw that last night) for design and composition ideas.
The other day, I was inspired and made up a blog schedule. I hope this will add a bit of variety to my ramblings here – hopefully mixing a little bit more personal into my general art muses and updates. So I’m looking forward to that. I think I’ll also end up reading and discovering more interesting blogs too, because I’d like to integrate a follow Friday feature and I can’t do that if I never read new things.
Speaking of reading, I’m woefully behind on Eragon and I’m starting to have Game of Thrones/Eragon mashups in my dreams….


  1. ilovemyflora Avatar

    I read this in a book once:
    “If you permit a day to go by without thinking of anything, hearing anything or reading anything which you consider of vital interest, then you are in a dull state, being hardly fit company for yourself.”
    So, like you, I try to do something creative every day. It really stretches the mind and builds up skill levels.
    I’m looking forward to your blog schedule. 🙂 You write interesting posts.

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