If you’re reading this on the blog right now (and chances are, you are), you’ve probably noticed a major color change. I missed having a custom theme ( had one once, a long long time ago) so I thought I’d make a custom background for my current theme, so it’s still a bit more me, and less boring looking, while still keeping all the wordpress functionality that I need.
I spent several hours on colourlovers making patterns and palettes and colors and so many things. At first I made a bunch with the pink color that my logo had in it, and I found a striped background and created shades of pink, which looked fantastic and fit with my logo well. But there was so much pink. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* pink, but truly, blue is my favorite color and I had a thought: Why am I even using pink if I really like blue?  So I decided to go back and edit the header on my blog and change the color to blue, and then make a blue background, because I love blue!
…Then I decided that while I was at it, and since it’s the same logo I use on etsy – I’d go ahead and fix the colors there too.
Etsy Shop Updated
I liked the pink, I really did…but I’m a blue girl – so I figured, why not just go with that?
That’s not the only thing that’s new or changed though. I found an article on Mashable (from a friend) about the new Facebook profiles that will be rolling out in October and how to activate it early. So, as I had already had a developer profile thingy from something that I was working on earlier (not web-dev…I think it was the new twitter thing needed an app or something) I just updated an existing thing and joined the new open graph profile early. My favorite feature is the cover image, and I really love the picture I put up and how all the new features look and am generally just really psyched about the full integration of it. So I thought I’d post the picture that I have up there (it’s brilliant – you can put up your couples picture, while still maintaining your face for your profile, ha!).

Facebook Cover Image

I love the way the archives (there ARE archives!) work too and the streamlined profile. It’s pretty neat. Now all that’s left is to change the colors on my fan page for Kiery’s Whimsy and get back to drawing the rough illustrations for The Balloon Lady 2.0!


  1. Ilovemeflora Avatar

    It’s beautiful!!!
    In fact, all of your changes on your sites are very well done. 🙂

  2. Ira Avatar

    Looks great! You are so creative. I really enjoy seeing/reading what you create.
    Hope you are well. Miss you. 🙂 I’m very proud of you. Love, Ira

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