Trying New Things

I’ve been feeling discouraged lately, I want to be able to contribute to living and stuff financially because I think it’d be nice (even though it’s not totally necessary), but the winter messes with my health (ALOT)  and there are times when I spend days just unable to do much, or feeling so bad that it takes most of what I can muster to get out of bed in the morning which makes me seriously doubt my job-getting ability, not to mention that I’ve never learned how to turn off my work mode which leads to me being generally miserable after a while and I’m not really sure how to fix it. But still, I want to contribute because I feel like I can, and should, and just, want to.
On top of that, I feel like my time is valuable, because I could be developing my skills (on days when I feel half decent) as opposed to working a minimum wage job that gives no benefit to me except a paycheck and a long time on my toes. So, if I were to become employed, I would want to find a place that makes me want to work there – something that benefits me in more ways than a couple-hundred-dollar check every so often. Which, is amazingly hard to find. So I continue to paint and clean and hang out and try and sell my original paintings in a market I’m having a hard time locating and for prices that most people in my personal circle would have to save for (<insert blame economy>) even though it’s low/mid range pricing for art in general.
Yesterday was a weird day. I had too many things racing through my head, like trying to keep up with a train – eventually I just gave up and sat there, unable to do anything really and watched the thoughts and ideas whizz by hoping that eventually one would slow down long enough for me to grab onto. This didn’t happen until late at night when I finally decided to pursue a bit of inspiration that I managed to be able to concentrate on. I remembered reading about an artist on Zazzle – selling prints of his work on random affordable things (and also selling the originals elsewhere for what they’re worth) so his art becomes known and accessible to people who otherwise couldn’t afford an expensive piece of art. I realized the brilliantness of this, and last night that’s what I spent the evening doing. By about 1am, I created this:

Shop for a personalized gift at Zazzle.
Buttons, stickers, stationary, mouse pad, iOS cases, cups, posters (well one so far, apparently it’s hard to batch-make those), basically everything except clothes/bags (because I tried it and it looked really bad). For well, less than the originals on etsy. So this is my endeavor – I’m trying something new, and hope it goes over well – I know lots of people like my designs (at least that’s what they tell me) so maybe now it won’t be so hard to get (and if anyone has requests….let me know). At the moment, I’m pleased, and feel less like I’m just stuck failing and don’t know what I’m doing (I try so hard).


  1. Mary M Avatar
    Mary M

    That’s an awesome idea! And if I wasn’t dirt poor, I’d buy the winter fairy mousepad. 🙁

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