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Over the weekend, I sold my first painting to a friend of mine. I’m super psyched. Today I got it out in the mail and plan on making some similar pieces due to popular(ish) demand. The last few days have actually been kinda busy for me. I restructured my pricing on Etsy, updated some old policies and stuff I forgot about, added my season fairies, did a watercolor, and did some more stuff with Zazzle. Oh, and house-sat for my in laws, where the heater broke and we got to play with the black fire box, take long-exposure pictures of light at night, and then watched Tangled when they came back. So it’s been fun. After sending out the painting today, I decided to just work on my leveling and after spending a few hours in Northrend, I made it to 72. yay!

Anyway, because I’m sure everyone wants to know what I sold, it was my Starbuck’s Destiny painting!

Starbuck's Destiny


  1. Mary M Mary M

    grats and yay. 🙂

  2. YAY!!! I saw you post this the other day on facebook…so happy for you!!

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