What I want to do this year: Personal Edition

I think one of the biggest things I’m going to learn this year is balance – how to balance my work and personal life. I suck at it, so much. With that in mind though, the last and final list of things I want to do for myself/because it’d be good.

* I want to have a christmas (and/or halloween) party and watch a non-holiday movie

* I’d like to (and we’re planning on) turn my book into a short film – do a really good job, and possibly show it.

* Take a nice relaxing vacation that’s longer than 3 days

* Visit my home-state (FL) or Oklahoma

* Go to/have a new years eve party

* Be able to get After Effects and a computer specifically to handle that (and Blender, and WoW…obviously.)

* Buy (or make) a bookshelf and retire the cardboard one

* Actually, retire *all* cardboard furniture and replace it with real furniture

* Level to 85 in WoW

* Have a bathing suit that fits and that I feel confident in

* become better at communicating boundaries (which is, actually to just communicate them) so that I can be more confident

* Find a GOOD therapist who doesn’t bring much of their religion into sessions unless they’re asked to.

* Heal

* Do something epic for my Sister-in-law’s Sweet 16th.

* Find a smaller car…that I don’t have to massively adjust the seat on, and I can also reach the floor…

* Play the Ukulele more

* Find a style, and wear it

* Dance

* Exercise more (yay kinect fitness!)

* Learn how to eat well

* Get a massage and visit a Chiropractor (hopefully soon)

* Cook a little because Alex would like it

* Get a non-lizard pet and name it Tonks or Nymphadora.