What I want to do this year: Art Edition

I’ve spent months putting together plans and ideas for what I’d like to do over the next year (or several) some parts are more developed than others, but here it is.
* March/April/May – Launch online art gallery with sets and random original pieces.
* Make Watercolor Business Cards/ACEO
* Sets: Sci-Fi inspired, Anonymous Fairies, Still Life (and whatever else I dream up)
* Think about doing something with the book illustrations also.
* Have a booth at an art show/fair/festival
* Sell a painting for what it’s actually worth ($150+)
* Learn about the art business, and integrate it
* Build a picture frame (and color/finish it)
* Update current business cards
* Actually use my FB page for Q&A’s and minor updates etc
The Plan:
From now (or October, really) till March/April/May paint like mad and read and learn as much as possible. Figure out how to integrate those ideas.
Take *good* pictures of the paintings that I currently have and put them on flickr. Eventually integrate that into the blog and buy a DSLR (for video and photography).
I’ve come a long way so far actually, I have quite a few paintings ready (still working though) and this afternoon I actually just took some really great shots with my (ancient) point and shoot and put them on the flickr account that I made last night.
I’m contemplating hosting a “private” auction for the launch of my gallery, so some special people (friends and family) can have access to some pieces before they’re released to the public, and generate some interest perhaps? I hope to be able to use some of the money I earn from painting to invest in the making of a short film based on my book.
Currently, I’m trying to decide if it would be better to sell my paintings via etsy (or another similar company, or zazzle) or to host my own and add a paypal button. There are advantages to both, I’m just not sure which one is better yet…
Then of course, when and even before I have everything ready to go, I’ll be working on promoting myself. It’s such a vague and huge concept that I get a little overwhelmed thinking about it. I’ll make a detailed plan for myself as I continue to read and learn about it and gather ideas. I plan on blogging my progress, projects, ideas, and random things I learn about art, life, and everything else.


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