Current Status

Listening: Imagine Dragons РNight Visions Creating: Working on slowly painting and putting together my Archangel because I just picked up my caster (Lylyth the Herald) and need to build her, but dragon pieces were taking up all the space. It looks badass. Feeling: relieved, and actively un-stressing (which can sometimes be a little stressful, but

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I’ve been sick since last Friday with a cold. I’ve quarantined myself from most of the people I would usually hang out with in order to spare any exposure. I’ve been trying to rest, emphasis on trying. Meanwhile, I’ve been itching to paint but have had no energy to. The drive to put something on

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New Painting

I finally updated my shop! I painted for a few hours the other day because I just absolutely needed to – and I painted the word I keep telling myself, a truth I have to remind myself of over and over. [I am and you are] Beautiful. Maybe it’s a little cliche, but sometimes I

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To help myself stay focused I occasionally make myself a “Things I want to do this week” list.¬†This aids the¬†I-already-filmed-now-what-do-I-do¬†crisis of focus that has become a weekly phenomenon. I use the phrase “want to do”, because saying things I “need to do” usually ends up leading me into a week of depression for not doing

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