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Over the last couple weeks I’ve been putting things together to re-release my book The Balloon Lady with amazon’s createspace. Today I got my proof in, which was really exciting, except that like, everything was wrong with it.
It’s bigger, so it feels bigger than I intended, and the pictures are…larger. Something went awry in the pdf export so the pictures are all out of order, which is an easy enough fix. But I’ve been feeling like I could do better illustrations, or at the very least, a better cover. And the cover on this version doesn’t really look overly awesome. So I’m going to take my time (this time) and re-do the illustrations I’m not happy with and redo the cover and try a bunch of different methods, and then I’ll re-release!
I’m not giving myself a deadline this time, and I’m not doing it in a crazy short time period (keep in mind, the first version was realized and completed in like a month) that way I can take my time and make it even better.
I’m excited, because now I finally have an excuse to re-do it, and it’s great because I’ve sort of been wanting to, but didn’t have a reason. ^.^


I thought I was tired yesterday. I’m beginning to think that I need the sun to like, live and stuff.
I can’t seem to muster up the energy to do much of anything. I did play World of Warcraft until the lag or connection or something overtook it and I was wandering around Azshara waiting for snipers to come out of trees and they never did, and my companion stopped following me, it wasn’t until I tried to exit my machine 30 minutes later that I realized something must not be working right.
It’s that kind of day. My brain is slow.
So, I went on a walk, and came back and decided I didn’t want to make soup for dinner after all, and I didn’t want to do the dishes, and I didn’t have the energy to paint (seriously, the last time there was a *glimpse* of sun was sometime last week) because it would involve doing dishes so I could clean my palette.  Although, I did come up with a brilliant idea of *what* to paint when my energy returns to me.
The golden snitch! It’s yellowish. When I paint again, and consequently, use my last canvas – I want to paint something bright…and Harry Potter related. The Snitch is perfect for that.
I’ve spent the time since then on Pinterest -where I’ve been finding cool artistic things and pinning them. I have a board for things to inspire me, and things that I like, and house things, and cool things. I’ve had way too much fun with it – you can even follow me here: http://pinterest.com/kiery/
Lastly, dinner is frozen steak fajitas from TGI Friday’s, because…….I’m freezing, tired, and neither of us feel like actually cooking.

The Balloons

The past few days I’ve been working more on some screenwriting for our short film based on my book, The Balloon Lady. Our working title is currently, The Balloons.

We’ve been brainstorming for a few months and working out what we’ll need – like a camera (our Canon T3i) and making random short videos on vimeo to practice, well, shooting and editing. Right now, I’m just hashing out a rough draft, and I’m about halfway done. The idea is to turn my children’s book story, into a more “grown up” short film – which gives us room to adapt it without actually copying the original book.
I’m using Celtix and Google Docs for writing – usually up side by side so my screen looks something like this.

This way, I can see my outline as I’m writing the script. Then, when I’m done, I’ll upload the script to plotbot so Alex and Hannah can comment on it and we can fine tune it from there.
For some reason, I find writing easier when I’m just trying to channel some of my emotions into it when I’m having trouble letting them out. Maybe it’s because of the emotional state I was in when I first wrote the book, that because the energy that inspired it is so similar to the film adaptation, it helps to use similar (or the same) emotions while trying to write the screenplay. Music also seems to aid my focus – I’ve always enjoyed doing things more when there’s music in the background, I think it distracts me enough to concentrate in an odd way.


The last few days I haven’t been feeling really great, and so I’ve been sleeping most of the day and awake most of the night. Wanting to paint (or even clean) but not having enough energy. Tonight though, I started feeling a little better – Alex cleaned the house for me before I told him to go catch a movie and I would just kinda hang out and relax (and he would bring me donuts from Tim Hortons). I have all this pent up creative energy, but I can’t actually do anything with it on canvas. So I decided to play with my wacom tablet. I think I finally have it down – it’s a little hard to get used to sometimes, when you’re used to giant canvas or paper and you’re drawing on a 13 inch screen but using a 4×6 pad. Anyway, I decided to play with the concept that I have for one of my paintings and see how that turned out. I just hope I can make it flow like this on the canvas now (I also need to get better brushes…).

Film and Stuff

For the last few days we’ve mostly been playing with our camera – and trying to not get sick. The second part hasn’t really worked out so well which is partly why I haven’t posted much. The other reason is because I spent all day on Monday cleaning and organizing the office and then making an Ikea wishlist. The good news is, cleaning the office gave me a chance to play with the video mode – and while it’s not the most creative shot – and really not even a good idea of what my baby is capable of (you’ll have to check out Alex’s blog or Vimeo to see that eventually)it’s a good excuse for you to see my office!!!! Sorry about the aliasing, bad lighting + me not knowing which crop (or how to crop) sort of ends up that way.

My Process

I like to call my process “painting in my head” – mostly because that’s the easiest and most apt way to put it. Sometimes I sit down and feel a painting out, and sometimes I use things for inspiration, but most of the time, I have the painting already in my head. I spend a while thinking about it (or sometimes a matter of minutes) I visualize the strokes, the sections, and the feel I want the painting to communicate.
I’ve been thinking about this one for several days. I haven’t even painted it yet, it’s just been ruminating and developing in my minds eye. There are sections of color: yellow>green>blue. Time/seasons/change. At the end there’s a fairy, who’s more elf like and ethereal – light and wispy. A sheer white gown wafting. Her wings almost transparent, golden hair flowing. She transcends the seasons, floating through them. There are muted designs swirling around that I can’t fully describe with words that surround this elven-fairy and illuminate her path.
Even as I write, the painting develops and turns into something more, a picture of a journey with a trail left behind.
The hardest part, is transferring the image in my mind to the canvas and hoping it still feels the way I feel it when it’s out for the world to see.

Bad Artist

So I didn’t do anything today or yesterday…because yesterday I had my first ever massage and body wrap which was utterly and completely amazing! Today we mostly hung out, so I don’t have an excuse besides just being tired. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my finished ceramics and packing, but I *might* still be able to get a painting/drawing/some form of art in. And the weekend and Monday I’m not really holding my breath either. After that though, I think I’ll continue to do a daily painting/piece of art because of how much better I get just by painting a little thing everyday.
When I get home I’ll also be working on my gallery and integrating etsy or artfire or something and naturally, working on my book and re-releasing it via Amazon Createspace because I have an ISBN there. yay! All that’s left to do with that is reformat the covers and launch. 😀
I also have 500+ gold in WoW, which isn’t much but it’s more than I’ve ever had.

What I want to do this year: Personal Edition

I think one of the biggest things I’m going to learn this year is balance – how to balance my work and personal life. I suck at it, so much. With that in mind though, the last and final list of things I want to do for myself/because it’d be good.
* I want to have a christmas (and/or halloween) party and watch a non-holiday movie
* I’d like to (and we’re planning on) turn my book into a short film – do a really good job, and possibly show it.
* Take a nice relaxing vacation that’s longer than 3 days
* Visit my home-state (FL) or Oklahoma
* Go to/have a new years eve party
* Be able to get After Effects and a computer specifically to handle that (and Blender, and WoW…obviously.)
* Buy (or make) a bookshelf and retire the cardboard one
* Actually, retire *all* cardboard furniture and replace it with real furniture
* Level to 85 in WoW
* Have a bathing suit that fits and that I feel confident in
* become better at communicating boundaries (which is, actually to just communicate them) so that I can be more confident
* Find a GOOD therapist who doesn’t bring much of their religion into sessions unless they’re asked to.
* Heal
* Do something epic for my Sister-in-law’s Sweet 16th.
* Find a smaller car…that I don’t have to massively adjust the seat on, and I can also reach the floor…
* Play the Ukulele more
* Find a style, and wear it
* Dance
* Exercise more (yay kinect fitness!)
* Learn how to eat well
* Get a massage and visit a Chiropractor (hopefully soon)
* Cook a little because Alex would like it
* Get a non-lizard pet and name it Tonks or Nymphadora.