Bad Artist

So I didn’t do anything today or yesterday…because yesterday I had my first ever massage and body wrap which was utterly and completely amazing! Today we mostly hung out, so I don’t have an excuse besides just being tired. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my finished ceramics and packing, but I *might* still be able to get a painting/drawing/some form of art in. And the weekend and Monday I’m not really holding my breath either. After that though, I think I’ll continue to do a daily painting/piece of art because of how much better I get just by painting a little thing everyday.
When I get home I’ll also be working on my gallery and integrating etsy or artfire or something and naturally, working on my book and re-releasing it via Amazon Createspace because I have an ISBN there. yay! All that’s left to do with that is reformat the covers and launch. 😀
I also have 500+ gold in WoW, which isn’t much but it’s more than I’ve ever had.


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