My Process

I like to call my process “painting in my head” – mostly because that’s the easiest and most apt way to put it. Sometimes I sit down and feel a painting out, and sometimes I use things for inspiration, but most of the time, I have the painting already in my head. I spend a while thinking about it (or sometimes a matter of minutes) I visualize the strokes, the sections, and the feel I want the painting to communicate.
I’ve been thinking about this one for several days. I haven’t even painted it yet, it’s just been ruminating and developing in my minds eye. There are sections of color: yellow>green>blue. Time/seasons/change. At the end there’s a fairy, who’s more elf like and ethereal – light and wispy. A sheer white gown wafting. Her wings almost transparent, golden hair flowing. She transcends the seasons, floating through them. There are muted designs swirling around that I can’t fully describe with words that surround this elven-fairy and illuminate her path.
Even as I write, the painting develops and turns into something more, a picture of a journey with a trail left behind.
The hardest part, is transferring the image in my mind to the canvas and hoping it still feels the way I feel it when it’s out for the world to see.


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