The last few days I haven’t been feeling really great, and so I’ve been sleeping most of the day and awake most of the night. Wanting to paint (or even clean) but not having enough energy. Tonight though, I started feeling a little better – Alex cleaned the house for me before I told him to go catch a movie and I would just kinda hang out and relax (and he would bring me donuts from Tim Hortons). I have all this pent up creative energy, but I can’t actually do anything with it on canvas. So I decided to play with my wacom tablet. I think I finally have it down – it’s a little hard to get used to sometimes, when you’re used to giant canvas or paper and you’re drawing on a 13 inch screen but using a 4×6 pad. Anyway, I decided to play with the concept that I have for one of my paintings and see how that turned out. I just hope I can make it flow like this on the canvas now (I also need to get better brushes…).



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