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  • 14 year old rage

    14 year old rage

    I have been sitting uncomfortably with my anger. I’m at the point of my healing/processing cycle where I get to revisit this feeling again. As a child I was never truly allowed to express anger, it was an emotion that wasn’t “cheerful obedience” and therefore wrong. It often circles back to me in the autumn.…

  • How Many Times Can I Make A Post With “Feels” in the Title and Get Away With It?

    How Many Times Can I Make A Post With “Feels” in the Title and Get Away With It?

    First things first – the biggest news of the year isn’t that I got top surgery. It’s not that my partner and I became an internationally recognized legal entity… I’m moving to Berlin. The one in Germany, not New Hampshire. I went into some details about it on my Patreon in an open-to-everyone post, so…

  • Introducing Farid and April

    Introducing Farid and April

    Today in therapy I discovered a whole entire trauma bucket that I realized I had successfully blocked from my memory until recently. Until we adopted a kitten. I need to get the story out of my head because I had this moment in therapy where I was shocked by the cruelty I’d almost successfully forgotten.…

  • PAX Thoughts

    PAX Thoughts

    Creatives I left for PAX drenched in a crazy amount of social anxiety. My kickstarter was funded as I was on my way to the airport which was phenomenal and completely unexpected. It all suddenly became very real (but simultaneously completely surreal). Sometimes I think the scariest thing is actually succeeding. Like in Neil Gaiman’s…

  • Warning: Language (and trauma, and why birth isn't beautiful)

    Warning: Language (and trauma, and why birth isn't beautiful)

    I wrote this up a few months ago, when I was just remembering all of it, and wanting to scream because I’ve always felt that no one really understands or understood my vehement desire to remain childless, or why every time labor or pregnancy (or children, for that matter) come up in a conversation, I…

  • Women are less

    Women are less

    Growing up in a religious conservative circle taught me this ever so explicitly. They would try to water it down and say “no you’re equal, but different” the place of women is in the home, in the kitchen, pregnant or raising children. Not in the “world”, not working, not doing anything that would in any…

  • Waxing Eloquent

    Waxing Eloquent

    I have a secret language that I speak inside my head. When I’m feeling brave, I write this way. It’s my own kind of prose, words have a rhythm and sentences flow. Phrases turn and swirl into what I like to call my butterfly language. When I’m honest and I write like this, I feel like it…

  • Starting Out Of Order

    Starting Out Of Order

    Sometimes I feel strange because all of the major life events happened to me before the normal life stuff. I graduated at 15, which I thought was cool at the time. I find myself now, questioning whether or not I was actually ready then. A lot of the outside-of-school skills most people learn in high…

  • Altogether too personal (TMI warning)

    Altogether too personal (TMI warning)

    I’ve been dealing with very bad hormonal imbalance since March of last year. It goes up and down depending on how much ability I have to ignore it and how long I can go before taking handfuls of supplements every day starts to wear on me.

  • Ignition


    The things that ignite my soul are the things that I try to {re}create and do. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I try to do everything and learn ALL the things, and sometimes I have to remind myself that I can do things and that I have goals and plans and ambitions and reasons. I…