The things that ignite my soul are the things that I try to {re}create and do. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I try to do everything and learn ALL the things, and sometimes I have to remind myself that I can do things and that I have goals and plans and ambitions and reasons.
I read this article about the other side of vulnerability.
I went back through the archives and realized, I’ve written quite a bit about it, sort of. I’ve written a lot of my goals, progressambitions, some catalysts, and the things I need most – the things my soul craves.
I haven’t revisited them much, lately. I’ve been preoccupied with the real-life aspect. Getting ready for KieryGeek, getting websites up and running, working away mentally at things that I love but not really giving myself a chance to revel in it.
Guilt sets in sometimes because I feel like I’m leeching off my husband (even though I’m not) and I feel like I’m inadvertently perpetuating the stereotype of 50’s housewife that I was raised to embody; the thing I keep finding myself fighting and crying against with all of me.
I know that I’m not that, I know that I’m more than that, I’m doing things; I know that I’m not a stereotype and I don’t fit in boxes, and I love that.


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