I’m a Brompton Boi Now

Fibro has more or less relegated me to my neighborhood because going everywhere on foot or waiting for transit with heavy bags from running errands is incredibly exhausting. Transit is frequent and reliable but not particularly fast, which is fine. The first two make me happy enough, but the last one has made feeling motivated to get out a challenge; because I know I’ll need to save energy for the return and I don’t always have that. A couple weeks ago my spouse’s annual bonus hit so we took a chunk of it and got an e-bike for me.

His name is Jean-Luc and I have biked more in the last 3 weeks than I have in years. Last week we had a “bridge” day (like a bonus holiday if a holiday falls on Thursday, you can take the Friday off and call it a “bridge”) so we rode around a bunch of bridges to Spandau, and had a little picnic.

I biked to get my meds and to the biergarten and to the hardware store. I biked to the bike festival at Tempelhof. I biked to a friend’s to watch Eurovision and then biked home at 1:30am. One of my favorite things is quickly becoming biking along the river(s) at twilight and in the wee hours.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much more energy I have to go places and do things now that I have a bike with good pedal-assist and a basket I can put stuff in. I can finally experience Berlin the way I’ve been wanting to since I moved here – on a bike that fits me and doesn’t take all my energy to pedal. 🙂


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