ezgif.com-cropI’m moving in three days.
We’ve talked about this for years and spent the last 12 months slowly getting things ready to change coasts, and now it’s finally happening.
Today I need to run some things to the community center, clean the windows, dust the baseboards and blinds, sweep, mop, dishes….
make sure people are going to come and pick up what they need to, get the apartment ready for the showing tonight, remember to eat sometime in between all of that, and put what’s going in the car in one area.
But right now I’m enamored with my solar “plant” bobbing away, oblivious to the chaos that is moving and the lists in my head preventing me from sleep.
Just bobbing, still getting enough sun to move even though it’s completely overcast because science.
It doesn’t care.
So today I’m finding solace in the little bobbing solar plant I left on the windowsill because it makes me happy, even though everything really should be in boxes.
It’s bobbing, and I’ll throw it in my car and it can bob away at our new place on overcast days, completely oblivious to the world.






  1. Timber St. James Avatar

    Best of luck to you! Every time ex-homeschool/fundy kids improve their lives, my day is a little more happy.

  2. Mara Avatar

    You got this! <3 <3 <3

  3. Abi Avatar

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