There’s something almost soothing about being in a car for hours and days on end. Driving through the midwest with sketchy phone signal and the inability to read or otherwise occupy yourself (because motion sickness) besides listening to things and talking and looking out the window provides a temporary bubble and break from the world. You don’t really have a choice but to listen or get lost in the imaginary world inside your mind.
The hills in North Dakota, for instance, look soft and fluffy, almost as if they were blankets and giants were sleeping under them.
NPR ran a story about this lab trying to get more meat out of animals by genetically engineering them to have more babies, even though the survival rate exponentially drops when you do that – both because of complications and the parent ignoring or killing some of the litter. Forced quiverful on animals, apparently, is the line to get my pescetarian-for-health-reasons to change to pescetarian-because-stop-forcing-animals-to-have-more-babies-because-fucking-bacon.
Passing all the pro-life signs in all of the middle states became a game to see who could flip them off first, just to save our sanity. And I made it out of Indiana right before the right to discriminate against me became a thing. I learned the midwest would be about as safe a place for a Kiery as the south, which is to say: not.
Then we got into Washington state and there were a shit-ton of windmills, and we made it into town and there was a family decal on a car that had two women and two pets and I realized I’ve found my people. We’ve finally got our computers back and most things are set up, driver’s licenses are acquired and the cat is happily spying on the neighbors’ dogs. Food comes to my house and I’m not the only one in the state with blue hair.
I have a closet-office in my room and it’s cute and reminds me of pinterest.
My paintings are in and most of them are up. Our adventures in keeping/having-only-the-shit-you-like is pretty successful thus far, I think. And for the first time ever, I have an actual bed with a frame. 😀 Happy Kiery is happy.






  1. Abi Avatar

    Yay!! So glad to hear you’ve moved in safely. 🙂 And I can’t help but be excited that you’re only 5 hours away from me. lol

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