KieryGeek: Kickstarter

Over a year ago, I launched KieryGeek, and I was terrified. It’s been a wacky and wild ride  since then. Amazingly so, actually – I’m happy that this is still something I’m just as, if not more invested in than when I started. It’s kind of huge, to be doing something that I want to do, not something people tell me I should do.
I sometimes feel bad, because I occasionally hear the voices and people from my past in my head, scoffing and frowning at me for following this crazy dream. I know a lot of people who don’t really get it, because it’s not very adult-y. I know in their minds I should be doing home-maker-y things, but, I’ve said this so many times, it’s not me.
I’m going where my passions lie, where I come alive as a whole person, not split up into right brain/left brain, or brain and heart. I am going in in the direction of where I live. Which in turn has caused me to evolve more, as myself, and bridge gaps within my own mind – my limitations, and fears, and tear down my walls of “shoulds” (or at least start).
Last year, I was terrified and just decided to start – and didn’t stop. This year, I know people – more people in fact – who get it, and who are standing there with me. This year, I’m terrified because I’m approaching season 3 with a kickstarter. I’m starting off the next season asking for help and support – which is really out of my comfort zone.
I feel like, I can actually make this become everything I want it to be – which has grown exponentially since last year, and has become bigger than just me.
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