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The Sims4 Series

I’ve decided that it would be really fun to do a series of videos or maybe even livestreams (depending on how well my laptop can hold up to it) of the Sims4. It’s been done before, but I’m going to put a new twist on it. We’ll start by building up Newcrest (the blank Sims4 world) from scratch, filling the town with NPC’s – some of which patrons will have the opportunity to name – and lastly, creating a sim/household and playing through the game itself.
Fridays are the days I’m free and don’t have classes, so the video will likely go up between Friday and Sunday night, posted to youtube and patreon.
I haven’t been able to make all of the things as frequently as I want to with school (looking at you, E.R.A.) but I’m excited about the play through videos and they should be fun and easy enough to make between life and everything else.
So, if you want to follow along – subscribe to the youtube channel and follow my patreon page – if you’d like to be able to name a sim (and maybe other things), you can do that at the $10/mo tier!


I’ve been wanting to do #VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) for a while now, but just never have.
This year I’m going to actually try to do it.
So if you want to follow along, I’ll be using Vimeo because my phone doesn’t upload to youtube, and @KieryGeek on twitter will autopost when a new one is up. I’ll post on patreon links to it too, and facebook, and probably here, maybe, we’ll see.
See you…tomorrow…I guess.

My Blog is Breathing

Seriously though, it’s weird. Every other year or so, I expand out (exhale) I disperse my art and my thoughts across various different sites for a couple years to compartmentalize them in my mind, and then over time, every thing comes back together (inhale) and I try to put everything back in one place again. I’ve done this enough times that it’s starting to feel like breathing, a natural inhale and exhale of my online presence, going more places and coming back in. I’ve added back a couple handfuls of posts from KieryGeek.Com because I keep writing (or wanting to write) about games here, and keeping up an entirely separate and more quiet blog has been thrown to the wayside, but then I feel guilty and like I’m neglecting it. If you check out the KieryGeek category, you’ll see a bunch more stuff than before.
KieryGeek.Com will still be around and alive, as an archive (so all the links will work, yay!) until I decide to exhale again.
I’m also breathing.
I changed meds and have been taking Lexapro for about two weeks now and I feel a lot better than I did on Zoloft. The vivid dreams have started to die down so I’m sleeping again, which is helpful. I got my hair cut, and I get to play business Kiery this weekend, which involves makeup and some pretty rad shoes.

GamerGate Part 2

They Doxxed Felicia. I made a video and disabled comments but screenshotted all the responses I’ve recived. I locked down everything I could because I was afraid of being doxxed and while the responses I’ve gotten could still be classified as polite in comparision to what I’ve gotten on twitter, at the core, it’s condescending mansplaining at best – thinly veild threats disguised as cautious advice at worst (lets not even get into the whole operating under the assumption I don’t know what I’m talking about/am impressionable BS).

The moral of her story is essentially the same as mine: I’m not letting fear shut me up. That doesn’t mean the fear isn’t real though. Felicia was doxxed almost instantly after posting her really great piece on it. Just for saying she disagress. They target the people they identify as women or other marginalized people. Notice how other men who have also called out GamerGate’rs for their behaviour haven’t been run out of their homes?
GamerGate supporters, Go fuck yourselves.

A Woman On The Internet

Yesterday I wrote about sexism and feminism and stuff on my kierygeek blog because it kinda relates to why I’ve been so silent on youtube. It’s occasionally weird having multiple spaces for things, especially when they cross over, I’ll write more personally, and in detail here eventually (likely soon), but below is an excerpt of some musings brought on by trolls last night, and you can read the rest on

Sexism and misogyny to me are dehumanizing. It’s not just objectifying me, it’s denying me the truth of my existence, and equating me to the presented sum of my parts. I feel less than and other and not-human when people make assumptions based on my body, or when people are just…openly sexist – not even to me in specific, but to other people, because of their bodies and presentation.
It’s confusing, and painful, and not really safe-feeling. I know what it’s like to be a woman on the internet, even though I’m just a person on the internet.
But the complicatedness of my existence sometimes makes it easier to be quiet instead of speak, and that’s sort of new for me and I don’t like it, I just don’t know what to say.
Read the full article at KieryGeek


KieryGeek Season 4: Thoughts

KieryGeek for the summer and putting a lot of energy into getting other projects (like my patreon and the humorotica patreon, for instance) off the ground. Also, trying to slowly prepare for a cross country move in March/April which takes up more mental space than anything else, but come mid-season, there will be more noticeable moving things happening. And then there’s the whole thing with youtube which left me this close to building my own platform (something I may still do for kicks and giggles). Anyway, this is all leading somewhere that does not result in the end of KieryGeek I promise. My thought for Season 4 is turning it into a weekly-ish twitch stream. Streaming is fun – and super easy for me to do with the PS4, and is a lot more low-key than planning and writing and framing a vlog, which, if I’m being truly honest, is more the pace I need right now. If I’m doing a weekly-esque live stream I will also feel less bad about taking a break to move and stuff (because, in theory, I will already have a stockpile of content, so a few weeks won’t be tooooo horribly missed). This will also maybe encourage me to finish The Last of Us before two years pass. No promises on that though, because I need to take extended mental health breaks from it for reasons.

Anyway, in order for Season 4 to happen I need to acquire a PS4 camera, so look for more on that in the next month or so…when I can convince myself to save and drop $60 on it.

Summer Games

KieryGeek has been on break, I’ve been playing a bunch of games and making liberal use of my PlayStation Plus subscription. I started with Trine 2 and I’m stuck on this one level where I’m trying to get through this witch’s lair and there’s a gap I can’t jump across… So, then I discovered PixelJunk(tm) Shooter Ultimate which is a fun little game where you fly in this sort of ship and rescue scientists and try to not to explode from being hit or overheating. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Logo
Which is actually a fun killing-time game where you get to shoot things and you can also get a suit to shoot lava, water, and pull at ice. Probably more, but I haven’t made it past the Ice Volcano expedition thing. Mostly, because I got distracted with Doki Doki Universe, which is crazy and weird and fucking enchanting. It’s basically like taking a very thorough and cute personality test, since you’re a robot who has to prove your humanity and you’re placed on worlds to learn about being human, and…it gets kinda deep, or can, weirdly, and then there are these asteroids you stop by on your way to other planets that offer quick little personality assessment quizzes. After you fill out enough of them you can go to Doctor Therapist to see if you’re any closer to improving your humanity and therefore, not dooming your entire model class to be scrap metal.
For me it was remarkably accurate and weirdly validating. But I’m the kind of person who likes taking personality tests because if there’s a name for it, it means I’m not crazy, right? Or at least not the only one. By the end of the game and expansions (I bought them for like $10 total, and played through them super fast), My robot has extreme baby anxiety, is bored with reality, and likes magic. My QT3 is also really mellow, sensitive, and creative with a bit of a rebellious streak. So yeah. Not to mention the art is just beautiful. Friendly little simple stick figures but remarkably emotive and cute. Then, Lego Marvel was on sale for like $10 for PS+ members and I have been waiting ages to play it, so I snagged that and played it and it’s my favorite lego video game that I’ve played. You get to play EVERYONE. I kept squeeing as more and more Marvel characters came into the story, and also, the story was incredibly detailed and interesting. Lego Games are games I play because they’re not intense, most of the time I’ve seen the movies they’re based on or know what the story is, but this one kept me on my toes. Probably nothing new for people who read the comics, but I had fun.
So I finished that, and The Last of Us: Remastered came out.
I’m not very far. Intense game is intense. We did write a comic about it, and I am ashamed to say, I haven’t played beyond that yet, still. TLoU isn’t really a game you can play to escape, because it’s just a brutal reminder about…humanity in all it’s nuance, even though it does take place in a weird zombie apocalypse.
Existing the last couple weeks, as an extremely sensitive/empathic person has been hard, so I haven’t wanted to touch anything that draining. I saw Road Not Taken on the PS+ lineup for this month and downloaded it because it looked so pretty and I love puzzle games…
That was not the game I needed to be playing this week! I realized as I just kept feeling worse and worse and unable to rescue freezing kids picking blueberries. It’s beautiful and addictive and fun, but it’s also draining, so, I’m looking forward to playing these two feels heavy games when I’m not already emotionally empty. I also downloaded Fez for the PS4, because it’s in the August lineup even though I got it ages ago for the Xbox 360. Since I play my PS4 more than the Xbox right now, I figured it’d be fun to have available…maybe I’ll get further this time. Other things I’m looking forward to are The Sims 4 (which I may or may not have spent way too much time in the CAS demo) and the new WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor. I actually re-upped my WoW subscription in anticipation of the expansion after not playing WoW since last fall. I did miss it, honestly, it’s like my MMO home, I’m familiar with Azeroth and I have a lot of badass mounts there…

I’ll probably get the Digital Deluxe edition of the Sims 4 because, who am I kidding, I will want it and it will be worth the extra monies.