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  • The Sims4 Series

    The Sims4 Series

    I’ve decided that it would be really fun to do a series of videos or maybe even livestreams (depending on how well my laptop can hold up to it) of the Sims4. It’s been done before, but I’m going to put a new twist on it. We’ll start by building up Newcrest (the blank Sims4…

  • #VEDA

    I’ve been wanting to do #VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) for a while now, but just never have. This year I’m going to actually try to do it. So if you want to follow along, I’ll be using Vimeo because my phone doesn’t upload to youtube, and @KieryGeek on twitter will autopost when a…

  • My Blog is Breathing

    My Blog is Breathing

    Seriously though, it’s weird. Every other year or so, I expand out (exhale) I disperse my art and my thoughts across various different sites for a couple years to compartmentalize them in my mind, and then over time, every thing comes back together (inhale) and I try to put everything back in one place again. I’ve…

  • GamerGate Part 2

    GamerGate Part 2

    They Doxxed Felicia. I made a video and disabled comments but screenshotted all the responses I’ve recived. I locked down everything I could because I was afraid of being doxxed and while the responses I’ve gotten could still be classified as polite in comparision to what I’ve gotten on twitter, at the core, it’s condescending…

  • A Woman On The Internet

    A Woman On The Internet

    Yesterday I wrote about sexism and feminism and stuff on my kierygeek blog because it kinda relates to why I’ve been so silent on youtube. It’s occasionally weird having multiple spaces for things, especially when they cross over, I’ll write more personally, and in detail here eventually (likely soon), but below is an excerpt of…

  • TLoU


    Watch Playing Through the Capitol Building While Tipsy from kierygeek on In which I finally get out of the motherfucking capitol building while insanely tipsy. Sorry about the no audio, apparently it’s a thing :-\ /tipsykiery out

  • KieryGeek Season 4: Thoughts

    KieryGeek Season 4: Thoughts

    KieryGeek for the summer and putting a lot of energy into getting other projects (like my patreon and the humorotica patreon, for instance) off the ground. Also, trying to slowly prepare for a cross country move in March/April which takes up more mental space than anything else, but come mid-season, there will be more noticeable…

  • Summer Games

    Summer Games

    KieryGeek has been on break, I’ve been playing a bunch of games and making liberal use of my PlayStation Plus subscription. I started with Trine 2 and I’m stuck on this one level where I’m trying to get through this witch’s lair and there’s a gap I can’t jump across… So, then I discovered PixelJunk(tm)…

  • Let's Play! Dungeon Command

    Let's Play! Dungeon Command

    KieryGeek is a let’s play! Dungeon Command! We’re taking a short break over the summer, but if you’d like to keep up and help keep KieryGeek a think, you should check out our patreon.

  • KieryGeek: Knack

    KieryGeek: Knack

    finally make a video about Knack instead of just talking about it!