GamerGate Part 2

They Doxxed Felicia. I made a video and disabled comments but screenshotted all the responses I’ve recived. I locked down everything I could because I was afraid of being doxxed and while the responses I’ve gotten could still be classified as polite in comparision to what I’ve gotten on twitter, at the core, it’s condescending mansplaining at best – thinly veild threats disguised as cautious advice at worst (lets not even get into the whole operating under the assumption I don’t know what I’m talking about/am impressionable BS).

The moral of her story is essentially the same as mine: I’m not letting fear shut me up. That doesn’t mean the fear isn’t real though. Felicia was doxxed almost instantly after posting her really great piece on it. Just for saying she disagress. They target the people they identify as women or other marginalized people. Notice how other men who have also called out GamerGate’rs for their behaviour haven’t been run out of their homes?
GamerGate supporters, Go fuck yourselves.



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