Yesterday I coughed and pulled some muscle(s) in my back. So that’s how this week has started.
I forgot about how having a windows computer sometimes means it’s stereotypically windows and I spent most of today waiting for the ibuprofen to work and debugging my computer so I can use the internet again without getting all the spam and ads and malware.
Of course, the time I can’t do shit is the time my brain is ready to make progress on planning/developing Ruby apps and I can’t sit at the computer I have Ruby installed on 😛
So, last night I sketched them out instead. Also felt like drawing. I generally feel like being productive when it’s physically unwise for me to do things. Which just leaves me feeling…. (not so) awesome.
On Saturday I posted a video about GamerGate and turned off the comments (which somehow doesn’t mean I don’t get them, but they’re all unpublished). SO MANY MANSPLAINS. Also the highest amount of interaction I’ve ever had on a video, and the dislikes outweigh the likes and oddly that doesn’t make me feel bad.
I just hope my back fixes itself so I can draw Humorotica this week. I’ll be so pissed if I can’t.






  1. Heather Magee Avatar
    Heather Magee

    I hope your back gets better asap!! I know that can feel sucky & frustrating!! Hugs & xoxo
    Just bc I don’t always comment doesn’t mean i’m not reading your posts 🙂 love hearing about u!!

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