KieryGeek Season 4: Thoughts

KieryGeek for the summer and putting a lot of energy into getting other projects (like my patreon and the humorotica patreon, for instance) off the ground. Also, trying to slowly prepare for a cross country move in March/April which takes up more mental space than anything else, but come mid-season, there will be more noticeable moving things happening. And then there’s the whole thing with youtube which left me this close to building my own platform (something I may still do for kicks and giggles). Anyway, this is all leading somewhere that does not result in the end of KieryGeek I promise. My thought for Season 4 is turning it into a weekly-ish twitch stream. Streaming is fun – and super easy for me to do with the PS4, and is a lot more low-key than planning and writing and framing a vlog, which, if I’m being truly honest, is more the pace I need right now. If I’m doing a weekly-esque live stream I will also feel less bad about taking a break to move and stuff (because, in theory, I will already have a stockpile of content, so a few weeks won’t be tooooo horribly missed). This will also maybe encourage me to finish The Last of Us before two years pass. No promises on that though, because I need to take extended mental health breaks from it for reasons.

Anyway, in order for Season 4 to happen I need to acquire a PS4 camera, so look for more on that in the next month or so…when I can convince myself to save and drop $60 on it.


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