Summer Games

KieryGeek has been on break, I’ve been playing a bunch of games and making liberal use of my PlayStation Plus subscription. I started with Trine 2 and I’m stuck on this one level where I’m trying to get through this witch’s lair and there’s a gap I can’t jump across… So, then I discovered PixelJunk(tm) Shooter Ultimate which is a fun little game where you fly in this sort of ship and rescue scientists and try to not to explode from being hit or overheating. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Logo
Which is actually a fun killing-time game where you get to shoot things and you can also get a suit to shoot lava, water, and pull at ice. Probably more, but I haven’t made it past the Ice Volcano expedition thing. Mostly, because I got distracted with Doki Doki Universe, which is crazy and weird and fucking enchanting. It’s basically like taking a very thorough and cute personality test, since you’re a robot who has to prove your humanity and you’re placed on worlds to learn about being human, and…it gets kinda deep, or can, weirdly, and then there are these asteroids you stop by on your way to other planets that offer quick little personality assessment quizzes. After you fill out enough of them you can go to Doctor Therapist to see if you’re any closer to improving your humanity and therefore, not dooming your entire model class to be scrap metal.
For me it was remarkably accurate and weirdly validating. But I’m the kind of person who likes taking personality tests because if there’s a name for it, it means I’m not crazy, right? Or at least not the only one. By the end of the game and expansions (I bought them for like $10 total, and played through them super fast), My robot has extreme baby anxiety, is bored with reality, and likes magic. My QT3 is also really mellow, sensitive, and creative with a bit of a rebellious streak. So yeah. Not to mention the art is just beautiful. Friendly little simple stick figures but remarkably emotive and cute. Then, Lego Marvel was on sale for like $10 for PS+ members and I have been waiting ages to play it, so I snagged that and played it and it’s my favorite lego video game that I’ve played. You get to play EVERYONE. I kept squeeing as more and more Marvel characters came into the story, and also, the story was incredibly detailed and interesting. Lego Games are games I play because they’re not intense, most of the time I’ve seen the movies they’re based on or know what the story is, but this one kept me on my toes. Probably nothing new for people who read the comics, but I had fun.
So I finished that, and The Last of Us: Remastered came out.
I’m not very far. Intense game is intense. We did write a comic about it, and I am ashamed to say, I haven’t played beyond that yet, still. TLoU isn’t really a game you can play to escape, because it’s just a brutal reminder about…humanity in all it’s nuance, even though it does take place in a weird zombie apocalypse.
Existing the last couple weeks, as an extremely sensitive/empathic person has been hard, so I haven’t wanted to touch anything that draining. I saw Road Not Taken on the PS+ lineup for this month and downloaded it because it looked so pretty and I love puzzle games…
That was not the game I needed to be playing this week! I realized as I just kept feeling worse and worse and unable to rescue freezing kids picking blueberries. It’s beautiful and addictive and fun, but it’s also draining, so, I’m looking forward to playing these two feels heavy games when I’m not already emotionally empty. I also downloaded Fez for the PS4, because it’s in the August lineup even though I got it ages ago for the Xbox 360. Since I play my PS4 more than the Xbox right now, I figured it’d be fun to have available…maybe I’ll get further this time. Other things I’m looking forward to are The Sims 4 (which I may or may not have spent way too much time in the CAS demo) and the new WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor. I actually re-upped my WoW subscription in anticipation of the expansion after not playing WoW since last fall. I did miss it, honestly, it’s like my MMO home, I’m familiar with Azeroth and I have a lot of badass mounts there…

I’ll probably get the Digital Deluxe edition of the Sims 4 because, who am I kidding, I will want it and it will be worth the extra monies.




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