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  • Becoming Geek

    Becoming Geek

    Not so long ago, I was one of those really unsocialized homeschoolers who couldn’t hold up a conversation about Harry Potter but could tell you about ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge), domestic (oil) drilling, and how little control our federal government really has over the control of oil prices. I’d only ever played racing video…

  • KieryGeek: Kickstarter

    KieryGeek: Kickstarter

    Over a year ago, I launched KieryGeek, and I was terrified. It’s been a wacky and wild ride  since then. Amazingly so, actually – I’m happy that this is still something I’m just as, if not more invested in than when I started. It’s kind of huge, to be doing something that I want to…

  • New Episode!

    New Episode!

  • Week in Review

    Week in Review

    I’ve never felt the need to wear makeup, and only applied it rarely – usually focusing on eyes, because no one kisses my eyelids. I think some of it was because I was given the ability to wear makeup when I was 13 and just never had the desire. It was one of those things…

  • Day 3: Subtlety

    Day 3: Subtlety

    I meant to take the picture earlier (before the gloss wore off) and in front of the greenscreen, but I ate lunch and then the camera died. Browns and blacks – it matches my “I logged out for this?!” shirt that came in from jinx today. ^.^

  • Shopping Penguin (or Makeup Day 2)

    Shopping Penguin (or Makeup Day 2)

    Calling it Shopping Penguin because I’ve had it stuck in my head since discovering Parry Gripp, and I made little eye wings.

  • 2013: The year I inevitably become a makeup artist (and have so much fun)

    2013: The year I inevitably become a makeup artist (and have so much fun)

    It’s funny how life kinda throws things at you that then propel you into something you kinda wanted to take up, but didn’t have a huge need to. Without spoiling anything – I need to learn how to do a lot more makeup, a lot more things with it, and I need to learn it…

  • KieryGeek: Kiery Vs Games

    KieryGeek: Kiery Vs Games


  • In which I buy lots more makeup

    In which I buy lots more makeup

    We’ve been working on preproduction for Hendstrom a lot lately – I’ve drawn out some costume alterations, put together a list of costume thingies I need – and, as you can see in the last post, started trying crazy stuff with eyeliner. I’ve decided to invest in tattoo pens instead, because 10 minutes in the…

  • Caution: First Attempt at Character Makeup

    Caution: First Attempt at Character Makeup

    First attempt at some kind of fantasy character makeup – using eyeliner and eyeshadow for everything, except some red lipstick. I know it sucks, but you have to start somewhere.