Week in Review

I’ve never felt the need to wear makeup, and only applied it rarely – usually focusing on eyes, because no one kisses my eyelids. I think some of it was because I was given the ability to wear makeup when I was 13 and just never had the desire. It was one of those things where it was available, I felt, to cover up the imperfections on my face and serve as a mask to hide the things that I should be ashamed of (or at least feel the need to hide). I subscribed to the reasoning that if people didn’t like me because I didn’t wear makeup or cover my acne, then I didn’t really want to be friends with them anyway. So I didn’t put any effort into either skin care or makeup. When I did start to wear makeup, at 17, it was because I felt the need for a mask – psychologically, makeup presented that option. So for much of my life I’ve equated the frequent wearing of makeup to wearing a mask. In a way, with filming that’s still true – but I never saw the creativity in it, just a barrier to hide imperfections or flaws behind.
The last week has shaken that theory. Instead of building a psychological wall, the face is just another kind of canvas – and makeup just another kind of medium. Over the week I’ve done lots of crazy shit with my face. I did this kind of heavy winged look with eyeshadow (which is sort of becoming my paint of choice, as I had no idea how versatile it could be with just adding a little bit of water to the brush), made designs and played with various kinds of eyeliner. I have black and sparkle pen, pencil and liquid eyeliner, and a purple cream eyeliner. I learned Tuesday, that my lines are straighter when I use cream eyeliner as opposed to the other kinds. I think it’s because it’s harder to move, so I can take my time on it and it won’t squiggle as much – I could however, do with the brush being less pokey.
I discovered the beauty of primer, HD powder, and setting spray. Amazing things when combined. Makeup is going to look so. much. better. in Hendstrom just because of those things.
I realized halfway through, that the sudden application of loads of makeup is going to kill my face, so I actually need to think about skin care now. I have face wash (and makeup remover cloths), because while I don’t use it every day (well, didn’t) I did use it when my face got grumpy from being all oily. I also experimented with making a lip scrub.

It worked remarkably well, although I think I put too much olive oil in it. Maybe not all parts should be equal. I used honey, olive oil, and sugar. Last night, I made a toner-ish-thing from lemon juice and honey (2-3tbsp lemon juice, 3-4 drops of honey) and it turned out wonderfully. The blackheads on my chin basically vanished and my skin looks much nicer in general. It helps fade dark spots and acne scars and stuff too. Lemons, who know?

Last night I made a list of things to try for skin care, because I know my skin is going to scream if I don’t make sure that I take care of it. So the last half of the week I’ve been focused on my skin itself, so that way it feels better and looks better before, during, and after I apply makeup.

I’m going to pick up a moisturizer, because I don’t really feel like making one. I will make toner still, however, and face/lip scrub, because I like the idea of sugar and honey on my face.

I figured out exactly how I’m doing the character makeup for one of the new characters, and tested that today, and it works perfectly. I know exactly what I’m going to add as well. I took a picture against the green screen with the DSLR so I could see how well it actually “played to screen” and I’m very pleased (HD powder is awesome).

After the blizzard tomorrow/this weekend I think I’m going to either pick up Stage Makeup: Step by Step from the library or buy it.


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