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  • Subtle Bohemian [All Dressed up]

    Subtle Bohemian [All Dressed up]

    NYC Black nail polish, shoes: Newbury Comics (breaking them in for PAX East!), Jeans: Aeropostale, Shirt: walmart find 3 years ago, makeup: Elf brightening/all over color stick, eyeliner, mascara, and “Fantasy” lipstick. You can’t see overly well, but my hair is a funky ponytail that this pin inspired. My hair is a bit too short…

  • Sea Buckthorn and etc

    Sea Buckthorn and etc

    I took the week off of face stuff last week, and gave my skin a rest. Also, I was tired of poking my eyes so frequently (and I was hoping for the acne to quell). A friend of mine recommended some Sea Buckthorn oil, and while I was at whole foods over the weekend (to find…

  • Valentines (because I got all pretty)

    Valentines (because I got all pretty)

    best. valentines. ever.

  • fails


    This blog is not by any means a place for expert advice, at best it’s the general wanderings and musings and evolution of “the process” – my process, a process, some kind of process; inexperienced me attempting to get somewhere and hopefully be better at it. Posts change with moods and whims because my interests…

  • Week in Review

    Week in Review

    I’ve never felt the need to wear makeup, and only applied it rarely – usually focusing on eyes, because no one kisses my eyelids. I think some of it was because I was given the ability to wear makeup when I was 13 and just never had the desire. It was one of those things…

  • Makeup day 6: purple

    Makeup day 6: purple

    Today’s makeup is purple because I wanted to play with my plum eyeliner. Cream eyeliner is hard to get used to at first – mostly just the brush, but I’m actually better at putting that on than all the other kinds I’ve tried/have – so that’s good news. When I was done with everything I powdered…

  • Makeup: Day 4/5

    Makeup: Day 4/5

    I didn’t do anything on Friday due to my face starting to break out and rebel – today I’m waiting for my elf makeup to arrive and my wanna-be migraine to go away before I do anything that requires a large amount of concentration. The plan however, is to play with a lot of purple…

  • Day 3: Subtlety

    Day 3: Subtlety

    I meant to take the picture earlier (before the gloss wore off) and in front of the greenscreen, but I ate lunch and then the camera died. Browns and blacks – it matches my “I logged out for this?!” shirt that came in from jinx today. ^.^

  • Shopping Penguin (or Makeup Day 2)

    Shopping Penguin (or Makeup Day 2)

    Calling it Shopping Penguin because I’ve had it stuck in my head since discovering Parry Gripp, and I made little eye wings.

  • Hair + Makeup Day One

    Hair + Makeup Day One

     Inspired by this tutorial from Beautylish