weather speak

It’s been overcast since Sunday, and according to the widget on my dashboard, we won’t be getting any sun until Saturday. I usually like rainy days…when they last a day and then there’s sunshine, but it feels horribly depressing when there’s no sun for days on end; Even when there are happy things going on (like my art class that started tonight). I’m always surprised how much my mood and energy level changes when there’s blue sky and when there’s not. A day of sunshine will somehow translate into way more energy and less grumpiness. I’ll end up doing all kinds of housey or artistic things (and I’ll be more confident driving). When it’s dark for days, sometimes even thinking about doing something creative (or cleaning, for that matter) just drains me.
Come to think of it, that’s probably why they invented Vitamin D3 capsules… I should probably start breaking those out.


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