Cryptic nuggets

I should do so many things.
I should write more about sexism and gaming.
I should make that ruby app I’ve been planning.
I should reboot KieryGeek.
I should be better at marketing my patreons.
I should be brave and find my voice and use it.
I should be more friendly.
I should not feel bad about not doing all of those things in lieu of taking care of myself.
I should not feel bad for being anxious and tired and overwhelmed.
I should not feel bad for feeling lost.
I should not feel useless or worthless because reasons.


  1. Me Avatar

    I like reading your thoughts!
    My therapist (or I should say one of them…) pointed out that I was using the wording “I should” a lot, and that my wording reflected a judgemental tone on myself. She said to try using “it would benefit me if I…” or “it would be good if I…” Because they were kinder. I thought her point was silly at first but the more I thought about it the more I realized that a silly wording choice can really carry a deeper tone. It’s something that stuck and really helped me. Just thought I’d share…

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