21 things progress (new, with a legend!)

21 things progress

I’m a photo session at walmart, a large check, and a trip to the library away from getting my passport.

A bunch of new clothes and my converse shoes(!!) should arrive in the next two weeks, and I should also be able to finish that off in a few weeks and be all ready for the next, long time until I need clothes. Or at the very least, winter.

5 illustrations and a bit of formatting away from finishing my book and launching that, and subsequently, buying a month-long team treehouse subscription.

I’ve been experimenting with plucking my eyebrows (and that actually worked pretty well, unruly things) and with the exception of this week, I’ve been giving myself a weekly mud-mask session as well as playing with my yoga mat and doing things that make me feel good. Starting Monday (if my legs aren’t out of commission from our 8 mile walk today) I’ll be waking up early and running from Zombies.

I’m 11 months/new drinks away from that particular goal too. ^.^

I like progress.

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