I need someone to make an infographic of all the vitamins and things you need to have every day and what kinds of food to find them in, that way I can look at it and figure out how to make food that has all of it in there. Something that I could draw lines between to make a meal would be super fun. I really wish I remembered the things from my nutrition dvds in highschool…
Also, an info graphic on how to adjust my eyes and nose to cat hair would be cool too. I don’t think the weather outside is helping at all either. It’s too cold and wet to open the windows for long. I did just sweep up though, so I probably got some more furs on me. It’s nothing unbearable though, just not used to it yet. Tonks is so worth it though, he’s adorable.

sidebar: I did some more screenwriting in my office on my comfy futon. I think I’m going to finish the dishes and paint to Harry Potter, and if there’s time, do some questing in Northrend before I finish the laundry and go grocery shopping. (Dinner adventure consists of applebees because we already ate the tasty salisbury steak for lunch).


  1. Hannah Schellhase Avatar
    Hannah Schellhase
    Maybe that will get you started? 🙂
    I have heard some good things about One-A-Day women’s vitamins, for a supplement. Men don’t tend to need vitamin supplements if they’re getting a balanced diet, though.

  2. Kierstyn King Avatar
    Kierstyn King

    AHA! that’s awesome. Thank you!
    I have a One-A-Day but I keep forgetting to take it. I should probably stop accidentally hiding the bottle….

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