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This blog is not by any means a place for expert advice, at best it’s the general wanderings and musings and evolution of “the process” – my process, a process, some kind of process; inexperienced me attempting to get somewhere and hopefully be better at it. Posts change with moods and whims because my interests change and vary – it’s a weird thing about my personality. Sometimes, when I feel I’m making progress and then something happens where I feel like I’ve gone backwards I take it pretty hard.
I made a ton of progress with my face over the last few weeks. Actually my skin was clearing up and evening out, and acne was going away. All the things I should have learned and done years ago. Then I started breaking out again – I didn’t know why, and then I realized that the only thing I changed was adding moisturizer. I stayed away from it forever because I have very active oil glands – but I thought I should get some because of all the stripping of oils I was doing. I felt really sad about it, strangely enough. Because I’ve never seen my skin clear that way and I almost panicked. It’s easier to apply makeup when I’m not battling acne and acne scars.
So, I remembered something else that I overlooked – I wasn’t drinking a ton of water. Usually, I have an okay water intake, but sometimes in the winter I forget about water and opt for tea because it’s warm and I’m usually just trying to keep my fingers at body temperature. I decided a few days ago to re-up my water intake and see if it helped. Surprisingly enough, between drinking close to 40 oz. of water a day (there should be more, I know) and giving my skin a break and *not* applying moisturizer, it’s starting to calm down again.
I guess all I wanted to say was, I LEARNED A THING! Water really does help clear up skin. Water, and lemon-honey mixture on the face. Apparently moisturizer however, does not agree with my lebanese/portuguese skin type.

And, it's the last day

Last day of the cleanse. If you followed on tumblr (or have just been following along), you know I didn’t stick with it to the letter. Especially after realizing how corporate it was and not being able to bring myself to eat beef on the first beef day.
I didn’t lose ALL the pounds, but I wasn’t trying to (and I think it would have been unhealthy for me if I had). I am slightly more toned (thanks to added bits of exercise), my insides feel much less grumpy and I feel like I know my body better than when I started. So I’m going to go ahead and call it a success.

I refuse to be a failure

Fruit-only day was the hardest. Banana and Soup day was the easiest (and tastiest). Meat days were weird – I was much thirstier on those days and drank a lot more water, which was what I was supposed to do, it was just much easier.
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I'm human

Dinner Day 3:
Mcdonalds’ side salad with italian dressing and a bite of a home-made whoopie pie (and one sip of Dr Pepper). Totally not on the plan, but this girl made it and it was good, and the salad was the best I could do under the circumstances. I’m also drinking lightly sweetened tea because I ran out of water before we got to the game place at 6:15 – we left at 10:15 and got home 10 minutes ago.
My tummy feels a little weird now, I think a mix between being cold/wet and the burst of sugar.
But that’s okay. Because I weighed the choices and I don’t feel guilty about it. I’ve had a back-up plan to fall back to normalcy if I feel like I need to (because I never know if I’m eating enough, because I eat less than everyone I know).  So taking a bite of a home-made cookie, and a sip of soda (because MY GOD italian dressing is way spicier than I thought), and eating more salad dressing than I have all week isn’t going to ruin me, or the cleanse, because it’s about being better not perfect. Stronger, not inflexible.
I’m free to re-evaluate at any time, but I think I’m going to stick it out for as long as I can. I get bananas tomorrow, and soup, and then meat! ha.
EDIT: I just drank a ton of water, tummy is less weird now, but I feel like a bubble.

Cleanse Eating

So I’m doing a cleanse, that is called the GMS diet or something. People say you can lose a lot of weight doing it, that’s not actually my goal – I’m doing it because I feel like my digestive system just needs a “hard reset” and it’s been finicky lately.
Today is was day one, and I’ve only eaten fruits and water except for the cup of black coffee I’m sipping on because of a headache (apparently lightheaded-ness is common).
Tomorrow, is vegetables only. I plan on eating a baked potato when I get up, and having a spinach salad with tomato, carrots, and my attempt at making my own dressing for dinner and/or lunch. I’ll probably munch on carrots during the day. I meant to pick up Asparagus, but I forgot, so I may do that and broil or sauté it with some garlic.
Thursday, I can do both fruits and vegetables. I’ll have spinach salad with strawberries, and maybe I’ll cook some carrots, tomatoes, and spinach in some garlic for dinner and have apples on the side. I’ll also start cutting things to make soup.
Friday, I can have bananas, milk, and soup. I plan on having a banana and strawberry smoothie, or maybe throwing spinach in there too if I don’t sauté it and have it on the side, I’ll have soup for dinner and snack on either carrots or bananas, unless I still have strawberries.
Saturday, I can start eating meat again. I’ll have a steak salad with tomatoes, and soup, and maybe some sort of beanless-noodle-less chili with fresh tomatoes. If we go out, I’ll have salads.
Sunday, I know we’re going out, so I’ll have whatever has beef and vegetables on the menu. Maybe I’ll even make some beef and brocolli.
Monday, is the last day, and I’m going to try making a beef-chinese-esque-stir fry with brown rice, beef, bell pepper, onions, and maybe some pineapple on the side.
The hardest part, so far, is remembering to drink all the water. Especially because I’m estimating with my water bottle. But I’ve drank a lot so far, I’m on my last two “glasses” (or as I’m guestimating – full water bottle),  -I actually feel a little less bloaty than when I started out this morning (which I’m sure has nothing to do with peeing a lot more than usual)- and keeping myself from grabbing a piece of bread, or a cookie, or Alex’s dinner.
It takes a bit more self control than I imagined, even though I do like eating fruit… a lot. But I think today is probably the hardest, and tomorrow. After that, more variety. And I have this to come back to for noming ideas.
I think setting things out in meal-like-shapes is going to be better for me. Dinner felt better than just eating fruit from the fridge like I had been doing all day, I think because it was all there and took less constant thought than, “should I grab the apple or the orange?” intermittently throughout the day.
Fruit Dinner

Fitness Progress

On March First I started a Tumblr to keep track of my progress. I mostly just update with my starting weight of the day and how I’m feeling. I’ve been using an app for food tracking, but it’s waned in it’s helpfulness, so I’ll probably go back to just remembering what I eat again in the future. A few things have happened since January.
Most importantly, I found out that my weight trigger is almost completely hormonal. By getting my hormones under control through herbal supplements, my weight has varied and actually gone down. When I started keeping track I weighed 122. Today, I started out at 117.6 which isn’t half bad. Obviously, it fluctuates a lot, so I’m not totally ready to call it “lost” yet, but it’s nice to see the scale moving down instead of just up. Ironically, the scale numbers don’t actually reflect how I feel. So I’m still working on that. My legs however, are really starting to tone up and look really nice, and so is my stomach when I’m not focusing on that one little ledgey thing near my abdomen (which might just be where my stomach lives). I haven’t measured myself but I should start doing that, because that’s what actually counts.
Secondly, I’ve been staying fairly consistent with exercising. I don’t push myself too far because my body will regret it and I don’t have a trainer or anyone besides my muscles and bones to tell me what’s safe and what’s not. I still walk at least once a day if it’s not pouring ice cold rain, and I do general yoga stretches and core (I think?) exercises in the morning or at night as needed. My muscles have been finicky lately (and today my tailbone decided to hate me) so I pay attention to those and if I think I’m going to bother them more, I don’t do the stretches. It’s better to avoid injury, I think…
That said, my body is starting to have a little bit more definition than it had before which is nice. Weird, but nice.
We’ve been cooking. Less this month than last, but cooking and controlling your ingredients does seem to help – at least as a placebo if nothing overtly noticeable. This week we made Ribs with Macaroni& Cheese (who knew they went so well together?), Chick-Fil-A-eqsue sandwiches (because they don’t exist here, and I miss them :P), and we’re going to be making chili, chicken pasta primavera, curry chicken shepard’s pie, and if I’m lucky, I’ll make a scrambled egg & left over veggie thingy. 😉
So that’s where I am now. Still flying by the seat of my pants – the biggest thing, I think, is just figuring out what your trigger is and focusing on that, and then adding things (cutting soda, cooking more, exercising regularly).


We’ve been cooking most of our meals over the last week. That’s not saying much, I guess, but I feel like we’ve been cooking better meals and that’s what counts (even though we ended up having cheap fast food more times than we would have liked). It should because I spent a heck of a lot of time working on it last week too. So here’s basically what we made:
Lemon Rosemary Salmon with Carrots that we baked with it (lemony-rosemary carrots are *so* good)
Butter Bean Soup <mine is very similar minus the dill, bayleaf, and olive oil. I use Marjoram and 4 cups of water with some dry chicken broth in addition to the crushed tomatoes – my recipe is actually from my Mother-in-law. I also threw this in the crockpot and let it cook all day so I didn’t have to think about it.
Three Bean Pasta E Fagoli from Rachel Ray’s Look + Cook cookbook. We froze what was left of both soups after we had them for lunch the next day. I still have some of this in the freezer. I had to substitute the noodles though and got just small shells, and we didn’t get the fancy cheese because we couldn’t find it. 😛
Corn, Rice, and Bean Burritos from one of our Taste of Home magazines. They were almost as good as this one local hole-in-the-wall burrito place and would have been really good with some kind of sweet potato salsa thing. But I don’t know how to make that, I just like how Bruce’s Burritos does it. I think we had salad with cucumbers with this one. We’ve beent trying to use up our lettuce, so we’ve had a few green salads interspersed all week.
Alex made Spaghetti with an amazing salad (and bread! but he didn’t make the bread) for dinner on Monday. Alex had taco’s and I had breakfast for dinner on Sunday (our cooking-ness takes a break on the weekends).
I’m going to attempt to make a kind of “fauxtisserie” chicken breast with…something for dinner for Valentines.
And then I get to start this all over again. Joy (not).
I think I’m going to go through the Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen for ideas this week.

I don't like diets

I find them restricting and complicated. I need something simple, just like, what do I need to eat to be healthy and how much? A drag and drop system would be lovely, and maybe I’ll make one someday. I went to the library the other day and brought home 4 books, remarkably, after flipping through most of them before coming home, the most helpful (so far) has been Food Rules.Food Rules
It’s kind of…perfect, and freeing. I was almost lamenting the other day about how if I’m really serious about this (and I am), it seems so complicated that it’s probably going to turn my life on it’s head and I’m going to need to become a food/nutrition guru just to be healthy. Unfortunately, as nice as that is…it’s not really my personality and the idea of putting all of my energy into some kind of plan just seemed…daunting and a bit suffocating.

Library Books

Especially with the books I brought home. Admittedly, I brought them all home for different reasons. Food Rules seemed like it’d be a great guide (and it is!), the Mayo Clinic book has colorful charts, and The Perfect Body Diet I ironically didn’t get for it’s diet, but because it lists and describes some interesting exercises that I think I can do in my second floor apartment. Ideally, I’ll get a $10 yoga mat, because I don’t like slipping on my hard floors. The um, encyclopedia I got because it’s an encyclopedia and seemed handy, though it’s remarkably hard to hold open.

Maybe I’ll garner up the nerve to watch Food Inc. on netflix. Food Rules was great in that it explained everything clearly and took off a lot of the pressure I was feeling to focus on individual elements in food, rather than how healthy and processed it is as a whole. So while they’re important I feel less need to think “okay, I’ve eaten 8 grams of protein and now I need to eat 12 grams of  vitamin __” because honestly, that was just stressing me out.

As much as I want to lose weight, I want to be healthy more. I’m not sick, but I’m definitely not exactly healthy either. I think that if I can eat well (which sadly means cooking, but I’ll be 21 in February so maybe if I drink a glass of wine while torturing myself by cooking, it’ll be more tolerable…and also healthy. Though I guess it’s better to have with food…but I’ll experiment) then my weight (and possibly hormones) will start to balance out as well.

This weeks’ diet of frozen dinners and ramen noodles has definitely angered my system enough for me to be open to change (I don’t think there was any chicken in my nuggets :S). The biggest and most helpful thing I’ve gleaned from Food Rules is basically that the biggest thing is how processed everything is. If you can stay away from as much processed stuff as possible and eat small/proper amounts (and lots of plants) of food in moderation, then you’re good. Which for me means I’m not restricted with what I make or what I eat, as long as it’s in moderation (which I kinda have down, because I get sick if I don’t :P) and as un-processed as possible.

While I don’t feel the need (or have a big enough wallet) to go to whole foods every week (as ideal as that would be) I’m okay (now) with spending more, for better quality food and shorter shelf life. Food Rules in combination with this article kinda helped with that. I tend to be a bit uptight when it comes to buying food…since I don’t particularly enjoy it anyway.

So that’s a step.

Fitness and Nutrition 101

I realize setting this “goal” is ironic after going shopping for tv dinners and ramen noodle cups, but life happens.
Anyway, This post is going to be relatively short. I’ve been taking vitamins again, now that I remember. I’m really good with taking my iron (flintstones ftw) it’s the other stuff that I have a problem with. I hate normal milk, so I don’t get as much calcium as I should – but we started getting chocolate milk (because I drink that) so that is my round-about way of getting it.


Everyday when I wake up, I take two Vitamin C’s and a Flintstone (it has iron) multivitamin. I actually look forward to those because they taste good. Someone finally had the idea to make a gummy vitamin C, so the trick is really only eating two. 😛 After I eat lunch, I take two Vitex pills for hormonal balance. I haven’t noticed any changes with that, but it’s significantly less like candy.
I still walk about a mile every day –  give or take lately because the sidewalks are precarious. I should change my pace a little to increase my heart rate and I’ll start using RunKeeper again to keep track. I even found a widget for it and put it up on my sidebar. Just because the last activity was October doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything.
Lastly, I’ve decided to up my water intake and drink more green tea. I have a water bottle that filters the water as you drink it. I don’t know how many ounces it holds, but it’s a pretty decent size. So if I can just remember to keep it with me and refill it enough throughout the day that will be an improvement. Green Tea, I’ve heard is good for metabolism/burning fat, and it’s winter so it’s a win/win. I had two cups yesterday while I was sewing and I just finished one a couple minutes ago. I think I’m going to attempt to have two cups of green tea a day, but we’re running low so I’m not sure how long that’s going to work.
Eventually I’d like to try one of those anti-bloating drink recipes on pinterest, we’ll have to see.