And, it's the last day

Last day of the cleanse. If you followed on tumblr (or have just been following along), you know I didn’t stick with it to the letter. Especially after realizing how corporate it was and not being able to bring myself to eat beef on the first beef day.
I didn’t lose ALL the pounds, but I wasn’t trying to (and I think it would have been unhealthy for me if I had). I am slightly more toned (thanks to added bits of exercise), my insides feel much less grumpy and I feel like I know my body better than when I started. So I’m going to go ahead and call it a success.

I refuse to be a failure

Fruit-only day was the hardest. Banana and Soup day was the easiest (and tastiest). Meat days were weird – I was much thirstier on those days and drank a lot more water, which was what I was supposed to do, it was just much easier.

That said, there is actually a difference in my appearance today (and yesterday, and…) from last week, which I’m really happy about. Although, when I weighed myself this morning (in jeans, which I generally try to avoid) my weight was back where it was when I started after a few days of being 115. I’ve decided my scale is lying and not worth listening to. I look so much better in the mirror today than last Tuesday, frak the scale.




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