Fitness Progress

On March First I started a Tumblr to keep track of my progress. I mostly just update with my starting weight of the day and how I’m feeling. I’ve been using an app for food tracking, but it’s waned in it’s helpfulness, so I’ll probably go back to just remembering what I eat again in the future. A few things have happened since January.
Most importantly, I found out that my weight trigger is almost completely hormonal. By getting my hormones under control through herbal supplements, my weight has varied and actually gone down. When I started keeping track I weighed 122. Today, I started out at 117.6 which isn’t half bad. Obviously, it fluctuates a lot, so I’m not totally ready to call it “lost” yet, but it’s nice to see the scale moving down instead of just up. Ironically, the scale numbers don’t actually reflect how I feel. So I’m still working on that. My legs however, are really starting to tone up and look really nice, and so is my stomach when I’m not focusing on that one little ledgey thing near my abdomen (which might just be where my stomach lives). I haven’t measured myself but I should start doing that, because that’s what actually counts.
Secondly, I’ve been staying fairly consistent with exercising. I don’t push myself too far because my body will regret it and I don’t have a trainer or anyone besides my muscles and bones to tell me what’s safe and what’s not. I still walk at least once a day if it’s not pouring ice cold rain, and I do general yoga stretches and core (I think?) exercises in the morning or at night as needed. My muscles have been finicky lately (and today my tailbone decided to hate me) so I pay attention to those and if I think I’m going to bother them more, I don’t do the stretches. It’s better to avoid injury, I think…
That said, my body is starting to have a little bit more definition than it had before which is nice. Weird, but nice.
We’ve been cooking. Less this month than last, but cooking and controlling your ingredients does seem to help – at least as a placebo if nothing overtly noticeable. This week we made Ribs with Macaroni& Cheese (who knew they went so well together?), Chick-Fil-A-eqsue sandwiches (because they don’t exist here, and I miss them :P), and we’re going to be making chili, chicken pasta primavera, curry chicken shepard’s pie, and if I’m lucky, I’ll make a scrambled egg & left over veggie thingy. 😉
So that’s where I am now. Still flying by the seat of my pants – the biggest thing, I think, is just figuring out what your trigger is and focusing on that, and then adding things (cutting soda, cooking more, exercising regularly).


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