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Fitness Progress

On March First I started a Tumblr to keep track of my progress. I mostly just update with my starting weight of the day and how I’m feeling. I’ve been using an app for food tracking, but it’s waned in it’s helpfulness, so I’ll probably go back to just remembering what I eat again in the future. A few things have happened since January.

Most importantly, I found out that my weight trigger is almost completely hormonal. By getting my hormones under control through herbal supplements, my weight has varied and actually gone down. When I started keeping track I weighed 122. Today, I started out at 117.6 which isn’t half bad. Obviously, it fluctuates a lot, so I’m not totally ready to call it “lost” yet, but it’s nice to see the scale moving down instead of just up. Ironically, the scale numbers don’t actually reflect how I feel. So I’m still working on that. My legs however, are really starting to tone up and look really nice, and so is my stomach when I’m not focusing on that one little ledgey thing near my abdomen (which might just be where my stomach lives). I haven’t measured myself but I should start doing that, because that’s what actually counts.

Secondly, I’ve been staying fairly consistent with exercising. I don’t push myself too far because my body will regret it and I don’t have a trainer or anyone besides my muscles and bones to tell me what’s safe and what’s not. I still walk at least once a day if it’s not pouring ice cold rain, and I do general yoga stretches and core (I think?) exercises in the morning or at night as needed. My muscles have been finicky lately (and today my tailbone decided to hate me) so I pay attention to those and if I think I’m going to bother them more, I don’t do the stretches. It’s better to avoid injury, I think…

That said, my body is starting to have a little bit more definition than it had before which is nice. Weird, but nice.

We’ve been cooking. Less this month than last, but cooking and controlling your ingredients does seem to help – at least as a placebo if nothing overtly noticeable. This week we made Ribs with Macaroni& Cheese (who knew they went so well together?), Chick-Fil-A-eqsue sandwiches (because they don’t exist here, and I miss them :P), and we’re going to be making chili, chicken pasta primavera, curry chicken shepard’s pie, and if I’m lucky, I’ll make a scrambled egg & left over veggie thingy. 😉

So that’s where I am now. Still flying by the seat of my pants – the biggest thing, I think, is just figuring out what your trigger is and focusing on that, and then adding things (cutting soda, cooking more, exercising regularly).

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Because I love Pinterest

I finished going over the last two fitness books from the library and came to the conclusion that I actually like using pinterest for finding exercises. Some of the exercises in The Perfect Body Diet I actually have pinned on my fitness tips board.

The Mayo Clinic book was very nice though, and I’m glad I skimmed it. I like their approach and if I hadn’t figured out more of what I was doing last week I think I would have gotten more from it. They were very gentle which I liked and took a lot of care in talking about things like self-image in and how your self-esteem/mood/body image relates to getting healthy. They suggest things besides just exercising – like writing notes to yourself and confidence boosting activities, which I do occasionally (write notes to myself) when I’m feeling particularly happy with humanity for those moments that I know I’m going to need it (like today).

Pinterest Motivation
from pinterest

Workouts on the Second Floor

I’ve said this before – I live in a second floor apartment and someone lives under me. We don’t have carpet, so there’s nothing to soak up the sound. We try to be as quiet and considerate as possible which makes exercises like jumping or jogging in place kind of hard to do. I even tip toed through some of the kinect fitness stuff because I didn’t want to land too hard.

Amazingly, when looking for exercises it’s hard to find ones that are really good for people who have to equipment (not even a yoga mat) and live above someone in an apartment complex. The easy go-to’s are kind of off limits to overly considerate apartment dwellers.

But I found one website on pinterest, that lets you select a region you’d like to work out and lists a variety of exercises to choose from.

It’s and at night, before I go to bed I’ve been doing the Inner Thigh Sculptor and the Leg Raise. They all take place on the floor and use your bodyweight, so it works well and I can feel my muscles working. The other exercise I’ve been experimenting with I also found on pinterest from Tracy Anderson called the Thigh Trimmer.

I usually just sit on floor and watch whatever’s on while I do them. The hardest part is that my cat thinks it’s time to rub against me while I’m stretching. I love doing these at night because my muscles feel much more relaxed and comfortable before bed.

Later today, or this week I’ll go through the exercises from the library book and see about incorporating some of them too.

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I don't like diets

I find them restricting and complicated. I need something simple, just like, what do I need to eat to be healthy and how much? A drag and drop system would be lovely, and maybe I’ll make one someday. I went to the library the other day and brought home 4 books, remarkably, after flipping through most of them before coming home, the most helpful (so far) has been Food Rules.Food Rules

It’s kind of…perfect, and freeing. I was almost lamenting the other day about how if I’m really serious about this (and I am), it seems so complicated that it’s probably going to turn my life on it’s head and I’m going to need to become a food/nutrition guru just to be healthy. Unfortunately, as nice as that is…it’s not really my personality and the idea of putting all of my energy into some kind of plan just seemed…daunting and a bit suffocating.

Library Books

Especially with the books I brought home. Admittedly, I brought them all home for different reasons. Food Rules seemed like it’d be a great guide (and it is!), the Mayo Clinic book has colorful charts, and The Perfect Body Diet I ironically didn’t get for it’s diet, but because it lists and describes some interesting exercises that I think I can do in my second floor apartment. Ideally, I’ll get a $10 yoga mat, because I don’t like slipping on my hard floors. The um, encyclopedia I got because it’s an encyclopedia and seemed handy, though it’s remarkably hard to hold open.

Maybe I’ll garner up the nerve to watch Food Inc. on netflix. Food Rules was great in that it explained everything clearly and took off a lot of the pressure I was feeling to focus on individual elements in food, rather than how healthy and processed it is as a whole. So while they’re important I feel less need to think “okay, I’ve eaten 8 grams of protein and now I need to eat 12 grams of  vitamin __” because honestly, that was just stressing me out.

As much as I want to lose weight, I want to be healthy more. I’m not sick, but I’m definitely not exactly healthy either. I think that if I can eat well (which sadly means cooking, but I’ll be 21 in February so maybe if I drink a glass of wine while torturing myself by cooking, it’ll be more tolerable…and also healthy. Though I guess it’s better to have with food…but I’ll experiment) then my weight (and possibly hormones) will start to balance out as well.

This weeks’ diet of frozen dinners and ramen noodles has definitely angered my system enough for me to be open to change (I don’t think there was any chicken in my nuggets :S). The biggest and most helpful thing I’ve gleaned from Food Rules is basically that the biggest thing is how processed everything is. If you can stay away from as much processed stuff as possible and eat small/proper amounts (and lots of plants) of food in moderation, then you’re good. Which for me means I’m not restricted with what I make or what I eat, as long as it’s in moderation (which I kinda have down, because I get sick if I don’t :P) and as un-processed as possible.

While I don’t feel the need (or have a big enough wallet) to go to whole foods every week (as ideal as that would be) I’m okay (now) with spending more, for better quality food and shorter shelf life. Food Rules in combination with this article kinda helped with that. I tend to be a bit uptight when it comes to buying food…since I don’t particularly enjoy it anyway.

So that’s a step.

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Working Out and Stuff (MuM)

So today I started my new thingy, where I wake up during the morning and work out before Alex wakes up. I like it! except for the bout of queasiness from trying to eat apples too quickly after everything. I think maybe I should either wait longer, or start out with the apples so I have a little blood sugar and I don’t get all weird and dizzy, and maybe lemon water instead of just water.

Anyway, I like it, and I feel more awake and significantly less grumpy-morning-kiery even though it’s all gloomy and stuff. Although right now I’m getting hit with a case of the 2’s, so I think after I’m done here I’m going to take my hazelnut iced coffee and do some painting with my photography lights. See if I can’t get some of those energy endorphins I had this morning and an hour ago back…

Also, perk: Phineas and Ferb in the morning. So that’s cool. I feel a bit more nimble in the morning too, and I started off with a round of easy Zen exercises to loosen up before I got into the work out portion of the game (yay for kinects!).

Tonks seems to like this too, as he gets fed faster. Which makes me wonder if maybe he wasn’t curling up beside me because I’m cute and warm in the mornings, but because he wanted me to wake up and feed him?….

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It's Friday

Now that I have Rebecca Black stuck in everyone’s head….I painted the Eleventh Doctor today (Alex has great ideas).

I realized that watercolor isn’t exactly the best for portraits, at least not when I make them watery…but still, I’m pleased. When I get some canvases again, I’ll have to make another and see the differences. I added details to his coat and of course, added the sonic.

After that, I had an idea for an ACEO, which is basically just a mini version of the painting I made yesterday…but with words.

I made this in reference to “The Doctor’s wife” (Season 6 Episode 4). Which we watched last night on the Apple TV and was just awesome.


In between the paintings I went to check out the farmers market, and then Alex eventually went to Starbucks to work so I could work out. Since Alex usually works in the living room…which is where I need space, it usually works out for him to get a change of scenery and it seems to help him concentrate. Then I can bounce around the living room until I get tired.


I made eggs for lunch today and cleaned out the fridge a little. Tonight I think we’re going to go out and watch a movie. 😀

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