Magic (or, I can make faces!)

Today, I finally played some WoW, leveled and then started painting. With my tiny new brushes, I can make faces!!!! in watercolor (and acrylics, but still)!
I’m very excited.
I realized something today, I have a lot of projects going on (in my head) and I need to figure out how to do them all between 12:30 and 7. I guess I could start waking up at 9 again (:P)…But basically, I’ve got to work on the script for The Balloons, paint every day while listening to Harry Potter – and work on some specific projects to send out this month, and make some progress leveling from 74 to 85. It doesn’t really sound like much, but I usually end up getting distracted and each of these things require a couple hours of my attention solely (or halfly with harry potter) devoted to them. Not to mention things like…..dishes and sweeping and walks and stuff that need to be done every day (ish) too. I’m not a rigid schedule person – working things out hour by hour doesn’t work for me at all, but maybe if I alternate days between World of Warcraft and Screenwriting that would be good.
So I think I’ll try that over this week and see how it goes.


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